Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn 🐐 Apr 20 – Sep 28

Apr 20 – Sep 28, 2017

Pluto is retrograde about 5 months out of the year. Planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards – it is entirely an optical illusion as seen from Earth. Backwards motion appears to happen when Earth passes slower moving planets in the outer solar system. In astrology, this illusion manifests as a “backwards” functioning of the planetary roles. Click here to learn more about retrograde.

In classic astrology, Pluto rules Scorpio, as well as transformation and rebirth, fear, trust, integrity, power and control. When we make life-altering decisions, Plutonian energy is present. Pluto represents shift. It is through Pluto that the psyche is symbolically demolished and renewed.

Since November 2008, Pluto has been in Capricorn. The sea goat is the patriarch of the zodiac, ruler of all things structural, institutional and societal. The purpose of Pluto in Capricorn is to reorganize society so that we may live in true harmony with the natural cycles of our planet and the greater Universe. This means continued changes in regards to the global economy and governmental institutions, for example. Pluto in Capricorn exposes rampant hypocrisy, corruption and greed embedded in the framework of our failing systems and will no longer allow us to blindly trust these institutions. The media reports so regularly on heretofore hidden, quasi-governmental scandals that we have become desensitized to Truth. Pluto in Capricorn delivers reform by shedding light on the lies of wealthy men clinging to their power – or those who were once viewed as mentors and leaders. Most importantly, we must examine the great imbalance between masculine and feminine energy on our planet. I am confident that by the end of this transit, we will return to ancient wisdom as a way of life.

When Pluto is direct, he unearths darkness in the public sphere. However, Pluto Retrograde brings massive change in our personal life. Whatever journey this transit demarcates comes from deep within the soul, and you’ve probably been sensing its arrival for a long time now.

Pluto Retrograde means more than just traveling, meeting new people or moving – it advances from the inside out, intensely pressurizing the ego until a completely new you bursts forth. This transit brings us closer, year after year, to who we must become.

Pluto Retrograde is the ultimate evolutionary. This transit purges the underworld of the psyche, extracting grief and fear firmly embedded in the energy body and unconscious memory. The extent to which we receive Pluto’s gifts depends on spiritual/personal understanding. External change is directly proportional to internal change. Do the work and you will heal. To heal is to be reborn.

By the end of this cycle you will be in a very different stage of life, at least internally. Whatever the crux, it’s never novel – think about things you have been working on for your entire life, or several lifetimes. Our destination has already been set in motion, so what is more important (but less obvious) is how we react to what we encounter along the way. Change is inevitable and it’s rising quickly, but we all have the power to direct its course.

A few of the many aspects coming…Pluto squares Venus on May 25. This indicates intense love for another, a love that is ultimately meant to teach us about ourselves and, in particular, our shadow. The intensity we feel for another spirals into a glorious spiritual and creative partnership as long as we take time apart as a natural integration period between bouts of passion. Though we may be ravenous for our partner and want to be with them always, time apart serves as a gentle lesson, allowing us to more fully appreciate our partner in the future and is also vital in processing our shadow and learning to love ourselves as much as we do others. Self-love attracts even more love from without, and divine transformation follows.

On May 31 and again on September 22, Pluto forms a trine to Mercury. In tandem, these two planets are the ultimate investigative team, stopping at nothing until every neurosis and challenge is under control. We have to talk out our problems with depth and sincerity. What we are yearning for is security on a soul level, and this requires going inward to see exactly what lies below: a thorough examination of our fears, secrets or anything that keeps us bound up inside.

On June 24 the relationship between Pluto and Venus changes from a square to a trine – much more harmonious! The aforementioned partnerships (with self or other) blossom fully into transformational love. Our devotion should continue to be metered equally between this love and our own personal projects however, or our energy will evaporate.

Celebrate Pluto Retrograde with Capricorn Yoga. I was born with Pluto retrograde. To find out your Pluto sign and whether he was direct or retrograde at the time of your birth, click here.

Mantra:  change is good


  1. I also have Pluto RX (in Scorpio). You don’t feel it, Ren? I’m gonna observe myself very closely over the next 5 months and see if I can sense any deep psyche restructuring. I’m a Jupiterian (Sun in Pisces, Moon in Sag) and so feel Jupiter RX much more strongly. Glad it’s finally going direct.

    1. Oh I feel it :) I was born with Pluto Rx in Scorpio, as well as Saturn, Uranus and Neptune Rx. I include the little disclaimer at the bottom for those who are less sensitive to these things. However, those who are strongly connected to Plutonian energy will likely feel the shift regardless of whether or not he’s retrograde.

  2. How does this transit and retrograde affect me if I have Venus in Capricorn in the 4th house, Capricorn on the cusp of the 5th house, Pluto and Moon conjunct natally in Scorpio 2nd house and Mars in Aries on the 8th house? Feeling this intensely!

    1. Hi MK! I tried to figure this out without knowing your full birth chart information, but it proved quite difficult. What time/day were you born and where?

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