Mercury Return

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Mercury comes back to your natal sign once a year. If you were born with Mercury in Libra, for example, every time Mercury returns to Libra this is your Mercury Return. What to expect during this transit?

Mercury is the part of our soul which desires communication with others. With each Mercury Return, we examine our self-expression and communication style – how do you present the Self to others? What kind of first impression do you make? What topics come up repeatedly in conversation? Are you listening well enough to even notice your own speech and conversation patterns? The Mercury Return reveals the exact nature of how and what we communicate: concision, word choice, speed and articulation. Additionally Mercury asks, are you actively acquiring a broader knowledge base? How well do you collate information when thoughts, sensory data and messages from the subconscious are all coming at once? How well do you sort and make sense of it all? The Mercury Return often heralds the commencement of studies in a new field of interest. As Mercury is associated with puzzles, word games and anything that involves writing, reading or speaking, you will now be uncommonly swift and witty. We move quickly and without rest during this time. Balanced mercurial energy is lively, inquisitive, quicksilver and versatile.

The Mercury Return is an incredibly productive time, perhaps even frenzied. If balanced, you now have the ability to see past surface illusions and instinctively understand the inner workings of a given person, situation or problem. Mercury Returns encourage investigation, analysis and connectivity. You will begin to learn and exchange ideas with others at an accelerated rate. If imbalanced, you may over-think everything or nitpick excessively. Just as Mercury’s proximity to our star makes it the planet with the greatest temperature fluctuation in the solar system, mercurial energy flip-flops between extremes. The Mercury Return may therefore be characterized by sudden changes in social and intellectual preferences. For example, you may feel flighty and unemotional one day, bubbly and flexible the next. Ultimately our soul now craves change and adaptation.

Expect to meet and chat with more strangers than usual. You may now take on a new persona, even on a daily basis, or fantasize about traveling the world and becoming a new person. Alternatively, you may become very easily intrigued by other people, quickly developing passionate romantic feelings or “friend crushes.” However, at the first moment of doubt, these interests are likely to disappear as quickly as they arose. If imbalanced, you may fidget incessantly, to the point where sitting still is not an option, or you feel cagey when you must do so. For some, the Mercury Return manifests as unwanted neuroticism, nervousness, worrying or obsessive-compulsive thoughts. However, when this is properly channeled, we have the opportunity to be exceptionally detail-oriented and organized.

Wherever you see change happening, know that the stars are with you. The good fortune of Mercury is best harvested when we allow natural curiosity to burst forth.

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