New Moon in Virgo 🌿 Sep 19, 2017

Tuesday, September 19 at 10.30pm PST

Leo lolls in summer’s endless golden fields. At the end of his cycle, the lion begins to befuddle the sky, as when you’ve stayed too long in bed, knowing that work awaits. Turn your head now toward the weeping willow. The farmhand ambles into view with dirty hands and overalls, head hung proudly in bodily exhaustion, callouses throbbing. Pick up your tools and let’s begin.

The New Moon in Virgo elevates our awareness. She waits as we wander beneath the waning August sun. Soon she will call our name. She swoops in with galactic force, like a swarm of friendly bees. So enjoy this dwindling, evanescent freedom. I feel her coming, footsteps growing louder in the hall. One more intoxicating moonlit dance, then we have to work.

Virgo’s voice shreds delusion. We are but humble yet rhapsodized farmers, scurrying across the soil, burning like a bonfire in newfound delirium. Those seeds have popped in the sun and now stand heavy with ruby fruit, ripe and prophesied.

You cannot replant, nor can you waste. At the hour of harvest, what is on the vine is what we receive. All karmic deliveries come without warranty. So we bow to the earth and pull from her tenderly the berries of our sewing. This harvest of the soul rapidly transports us from one level of consciousness to the next. Such metamorphosis is only possible if we are engaged in physical labor and/or make a major shift in our work life. Gaze profoundly into the nature of your work, the people with whom you work and your most honest feelings about your work.

Virgo’s mantra: I analyze. The New Moon in Virgo worships pragmatism, not wistfulness, and she moves quickly, so you must decide at a moment’s notice what you will do, how you will manage, what will go where, etc.

Create your plan before the action hits. Thankfully, there shall be no mystery, delusion or distraction getting in the way. The mind is clear enough to see through: whitest crystal, gurgling golden in the sunset. Play and childhood are over for now. Open the shed door and quietly lift your tools from tiny nails, quills, a splintery cedar hide. Dawn washes you in nectarine powder bells, and you step with sure feet toward the garden gate, breath hanging, skin-deep chill, and deep peace in your heart, wrapped in blue woolen love.

At the time of the new moon, all of the other inner planets (with the sun & moon) will also be in Virgo: Mercury, Venus & Mars. This makes the new moon that much more potent. Hours later, the moon moves into Libra. Power gemstones for Virgo include amazonite, carnelian, chrysocolla, jasper, magnetite and moss agate. Power herbs are fennel, caraway and mint, as well as dried & harvested fruits and grains. The Virgo power flower is morning glory. Virgo rules the digestive system and sympathetic nervous system, so make sure to eat well and not too late at night. Meals should be light yet frequent. Though it will be a busy time, make sure to continue practicing yoga and meditation. Celebrate with Virgo Yoga. To find your personal Moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I harvest


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