New Moon in Taurus 🐮 May 15, 2018

Tuesday, May 15 at 4.49am PST

Every month the new moon falls in the same sign as the sun, wherever he happens to be. This lunar-solar conjunction is what we call a new moon, and sometimes this conjunction creates a solar eclipse. The new moon can land at any point during the solar cycle. For many months now, the new moon has fallen at the end of the solar cycle, as it does now for the New Moon in Taurus. This is the bull’s sweet goodbye, her earthy kiss, two hearts beating as one.

Taurus radiates profound peace and warmth. See a dwelling deep in the woods: leafy green vegetation, brilliant fruits, a cacophony of birdsong. Tranquil bodies, rosy inhalation; heart, mind and spirit interwoven. Be grateful for what is. Gratitude is the highest manifestation of the fixed modality: gratitude for the plenitude, springing endlessly and perfectly from the center of centers.

The Aries cycle asked us to envision what we want the coming year to look like. Consciously or not, we have chosen a direction. Look inside yourself before you start walking. If you’re feeling impatient, wondering when things will pick up, insatiable restlessness in the seat of your soul – these are signs that you need to move, and move quickly. Earth energy is heavy indeed; once the broad-shouldered bull collapses with a mighty sigh, good luck getting her up again. If you’re feeling that weight already, clear out and start over. To those who need colossal shift: FEAR NOT.

New moons make us feel unusually tired, and this is especially true with Taurus. The bull holds us close in familiar landscapes. Cats, home-cooked meals, flowers all around, yet something stagnant lingers, a humdrum, small circles eddying out, nowhere to go. You may feel trapped, denied some glory of which you do not even know the name. Wait patiently and you’ll be off again, on to the next adventure, better than ever.

Taureans are either quiet and plodding, or materialistic, demanding, obstinate, selfish. The bull is a pleasure-seeking beast who loves to lounge. To overcome greed, Taureans must learn to live off the fruit of inner abundance. May there be no seeking or yearning or longing. May we locate our home and wealth within. If we seek happiness and comfort in the external world, we inevitably discover that all we sense is a reflection of Self. From the great poet Rumi: “Don’t worry about transient things. Think how the animals live.”

The only aspect at this new moon is a loose trine to Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn – should be a very powerful day! It is important that we stay grounded. Go outside. Get some dirt under your nails, lots of it. Take long walks, lay in the grass, watch the clouds. Bask in the bright, full feeling that only the bull can give you. In yoga and meditation, focus on the head, neck and throat chakra. I recommend wearing blue or earth tones. Savor life with deep breaths and Taurus Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra: my home is within


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