New Moon in Taurus ⚫ May 17, 2015

The New Moon in Taurus comes exact on May 17, 2015 at 10:14 pm MDT

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Every new moon falls in the same sign as that of the Sun. This is precisely what makes it a new moon. Sometimes we end up with a new moon at the end of a cycle. That’s what we have now with the New Moon in Taurus. This is the bull’s sweet send-off, her earthy kiss, two hearts beating as one.

Venusian power

What to say of the new moon in fixed earth sign Taurus? We can learn a lot about the signs of the zodiac by looking to their ruling planets. Taurus is ruled by Venus, Goddess of Love. The bull is therefore a pleasure-seeking beast, often preferring to lounge and relax than work. She is also maddeningly obstinate when imbalanced, not to mention self-absorbed, argumentative and matter-of-fact, even if she doesn’t really know the facts. Or maybe she does know the facts but chooses to fight anyway, just because. Let’s focus instead on cultivating peace and prosperity for this new moon.

The new moon is your chance to recreate. This phase is like an infant: impressionable, vulnerable and wide-eyed. How will you set the tone? What projects have you been meaning to launch? What changes need to be made? This is a time of beginnings, or perhaps going back to the start. Words, thoughts and actions that surface now are seeds planted for later harvest.

Conscious awareness: inner abundance

As much as I love being a Taurus, I find myself continually frustrated by my bullheaded habits. Taureans have a way of acting and speaking when imbalanced that makes them appear complacent, overly self-assured or potentially greedy. However, the balanced Taurus lives from the fruit of inner abundance. Now that I’ve worked closely with children for the last year, I see that our astrological signature manifests at a very early age. Balanced little bulls are quiet, sweet, plodding along at a comfortable pace; others are materialistic and never seem to be happy unless they get absolutely everything they want.

Happy Taureans radiate profound warmth and contentedness. For this new moon, let’s imagine a home deep in the woods, surrounded by lush vegetation, brilliant fruits and a cacophony of bird song. In this vision, the heart, mind, body and spirit are interwoven as vibrant threads. There is a sense of eternal tranquility in the body with no desire to change or adapt. Let this be your intention for the new moon in Taurus: to be grateful for what is. This is the true balanced essence of the fixed modality – no seeking or yearning or longing, just genuine appreciation for the plenitude that springs endlessly and perfectly from the center of centers. Take a deep breath, inhale the flowers.

Grow your inner roots

We are still in the primordial period of the astrological year, lest we forget. And that’s really what it feels like at the threshold of this new moon. I find myself shaking my horns and stamping my feet a bit – impatient, wondering when things will pick up, feeling an insatiable restlessness in the seat of my soul. As Taurus is an earth sign, it is important that we stay grounded for this new moon. Go outside often. Get some dirt under your nails, lots of it. Take long walks, lay in the grass, watch the clouds, close your eyes, breathe in the rich scents of Mother Earth.

Despite everything I’ve just said, Taurus is one of my favorite signs. Maybe I’ve just recently come into contact with some particularly imbalanced little bulls, or maybe this is just what the Taurus season does to me, or more accurately, allows me to do. For the last few weeks, I’ve stepped back and been able to see myself so clearly, too clearly. This fixed earth energy is heavy indeed! If you’re feeling that weight too, know that it will be over soon. For those of you who are beautifully balanced, ignore what I’m saying and continue basking in that bright, full feeling that only bull energy can give you. The new moon in Taurus is ultimately an opportunity to find our home and wealth within. If you seek happiness and comfort in the external world, you will only come to find that all you sense is merely a reflection of the Self. From the great poet Rumi: “Don’t worry about transient things. Think how the animals live.”

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Mantra:  my home is within


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