New Moon in Scorpio ♏ Oct 30, 2016

Sunday, Oct 30 at 1.39pm EST

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At the New Moon in Scorpio, attention is directed inward. We are curious about what motivates. In understanding the subconscious, we become ever more powerful. The greatest challenge for the scorpion is learning how to use this power correctly. On one hand, being able to read people so accurately may allow for supercilious manipulation and deceit.

The scorpion is nocturnal, otherwise well-camouflaged in the burnished, sandblasted tawny of the desert. Their mating rituals are complex and ill-understood despite much scientific observation. In all ways, we are encountering an archetype of true mystery and intrigue.

In classic astrology, Scorpio concerns power, control, intimacy and finance – all that underlies. Scorpio lives in the unseen, the hidden, the omniscient. Sometimes the scorpion is illustrated as a strictly dark and morbid entity. Allow me to remind you that the scorpion swims nose-down into the depths so that she may be reborn. The goal is transformation.

New moons are more than symbolic. Many will move to new dwellings, begin new work, end a relationship, etc. Although the scorpion is a toxic, poisonous creature in reality, she is actually an agent of detox in astrology. Keeping this in mind, any change opportunities that arise should be welcomed. Change is more than good – change will be your indicator that everything is copacetic.

As with any transit in Scorpio, healing and deep emotional plumbing are the main objective. I think we either sting others (imbalanced emotional state – the scorpion learns the hard way, lashing out routinely at those she loves most) or we sting ourselves (ego death, spiritual obliteration). From Kilaya Ciriello’s The Scorpio Ring of Fire:

Scorpions are the only species of non-human animal or insect that has been repeatedly observed to commit suicide in the face of its own imminent death … Ancient astrologers observed that the scorpion, once surrounded by a ring of fire, would often sting itself to death before the ring closes in on it … The scorpions demonstrated some mental capacity to assess its own life conditions and from that assessment a willingness to take control of the death experience rather than just submitting to it. (p 66)

This is another interpretation, a more rigid one. All the same, it’s interesting to think of the scorpion’s tail as a device that she eventually turns against her own life. We often choose to die, figuratively speaking, rather than live in certain conditions that we deem unacceptable. Ciriello:

The scorpions placed high importance on being in control, so much so that they would rather die while still in control than live in a state that is out of their control. (p 66)

The change that gives way at this new moon may be so complete that it feels like a death process. We have to remember that death, in all Her forms, is not an enemy. To surrender is sublime.

Desire is best funneled fixedly into one major project. Scorpio values quality over quantity, no exceptions. She is a masterful minimalist and essentialist, so get rid of anything you don’t need. Spirit spirals out…

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Mantra:  fearless


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