New Moon in Scorpio ♏ Nov 18, 2017

Saturday, Nov 18 at 3.42am PST

New moons are more than symbolic. Many will move to new dwellings, begin new work, end relationships, etc. As with any transit in Scorpio, healing and deep emotional plumbing are the central focus. In classic astrology, Scorpio is associated with power, control, intimacy and finance – or all that underlies. Scorpio lives in the unseen, the hidden, the omniscient. The scorpion is often illustrated as a dark and morbid entity, but it is important to remember that she swims down into the depths to be reborn, to transform. The greatest challenge for the scorpion is learning how to use her power correctly. She can read people with eerie precision, and in her world this often leads to supercilious manipulation and deceit.

In nature, scorpion mating rituals are complex and ill-understood despite much scientific observation. The scorpion is nocturnal, and well-camouflaged in the desert. Scorpions are the only animal species that have been observed to commit suicide in the face of their own imminent death, taking control of the death experience rather than submitting to it. The need for control is so strong that even final moments must be controlled. To the scorpion, death beyond control is not death, but defeat. It is interesting to think of the scorpion’s tail as a device that she eventually turns against her own life. We sting ourselves (ego death, spiritual obliteration) or we sting others (imbalanced emotional state – the scorpion learns the hard way, lashing out routinely at those she loves most).

Scorpio is an animal and archetype of true mystery and intrigue. Although the scorpion is a poisonous creature, she is actually an agent of detox in astrology. Keeping this in mind, welcome any changes that arise. Change is more than good – change is your indicator that everything is copacetic. We often choose to die, figuratively speaking, rather than live in certain conditions that we deem unacceptable. The change that gives way at this new moon may be so complete that it feels like a death process. Remember that death, in all Her forms, is not an enemy. To surrender is sublime.

This new moon forms no major aspects to other planets. The other planets in Scorpio at this time will be Venus and Jupiter, two of the most fortuitous entities in the solar system. The moon moves on to Sagittarius about eight hours after the new moon is exact. This scorpionic lunar cycle arrives just three days before the Sun also cruises into Sagittarius. As with any new moon, expect to feel more tired than usual. It is not wise to over-exert yourself in any sense.

In yoga and meditation, locate in the root chakra. I recommend wearing white, red or black tones. Eat lightly or not at all. Sleep and silence are very important. This is not a social moon phase. Though sexual energy may be very high leading up to this new moon, we should avoid expending any kind of sexual energy on or before the new moon. Funnel your energy fixedly into one major project or idea. Scorpio values quality over quantity, no exceptions. She is also a masterful minimalist and essentialist, so get rid of anything you don’t need. Spirit spirals out…and I’ll see you there. Get to the root with Scorpio Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  fearless


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