New Moon in Sagittarius ♐ Dec 17, 2017

Sunday, Dec 17 at 10.31pm PST

New moons are more than symbolic. This new moon is about direction. Many will travel to a new location as this is the magic of Sagittarius: journeying, exploration, adventure. Sagittarius loves to travel both in body and in mind. In classic astrology, Sagittarius rules learning, spirituality, seeking, wandering, flying, freedom, space – or all that expands.

Sagittarius comes from the lucky star Jupiter. He teaches the power of giving. Let our intention at this new moon be to share. Let us be hospitable, gracious, welcoming. Let us give and receive with open hearts. Let us be generous and joyful.

New moons make us feel more tired than usual, and this is still true with Sagittarius, but less so. The centaur is known, among other things, for his sparkling energy. I highly recommend engaging in some physical activity on this new moon. A hike in the mountains, or any kind of long walk, is perfect. To really embrace this archetype, go somewhere you’ve never been before.

I hate to keep reminding everyone, but Mercury will be retrograde at this new moon. Keeping this in mind, be very prudent if you are traveling. When Mercury is retrograde there are lots of delays, cancellations, miscommunications and general confusion/frustration/mystery/nonsense. Technological devices like cars seem to be particularly affected at this time. There is nowhere on earth that you can go to escape Mercury’s influence, but you can give yourself extra time to do whatever you need to do. No matter what, the crux is how we react. Can you stay cool even if your circumstances are not?

This new moon forms a few aspects to other planets, the most notable being a trine to the planet Uranus Retrograde, god of the unexpected. With Uranus we need to be even more mindful about Mercury Retrograde mishaps. Though trines are fortuitous geometric angles in astrology, any dance with Uranus means that something of which we are unaware is coming our way. Uranus is also a very eclectic, social planet, so this new moon may deliver you to a diverse circle of people, probably people you have never met. The other lesser aspect is a conjunction with Saturn in Sagittarius. Conjunctions with this planet make us feel more heavy, tired and serious – another possibility to keep in mind – although we may feel like socializing, some of these planetary influences may disrupt our social plans and send us to bed.

Kind souls all around the globe, feel the love. Celebrate and be merry. Smile as you tell others how much you appreciate them. Give big hugs, be good to one another. May this warm winter light fill your being. The fires of Sagittarius can help you begin again. Throw it all in the flames, let it die. Release, then reach.

In yoga and meditation, focus on the hips and crown chakra. I recommend wearing purple tones. Open your hips with Sagittarius Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am loved

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