New Moon in Sagittarius ♐ Nov 29, 2016

Tuesday, Nov 29 at 7.19am EST

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The scorpion still drags us relentlessly into the shadows. We were forced to get to the root during the Scorpio cycle, and it turns out to be a root far from the light. Using this root as a base, now we enter the unknown.

Scorpio lives in the unseen and yes, she can be just as dark as the slippery walls of the invisible cave where she abides. Under the influence of Scorpio we often feel that we would rather die, figuratively speaking, than live in conditions we deem unacceptable. Change so complete has given way that death and dying loom closer indeed. The scorpion’s tail is something we might use on ourselves. This is precisely the greatest challenge for the scorpion: learning how to use her power correctly. I say all of this because the Scorpio season has heralded so much heartbreak and disappointment. I know we’re all craving Sagittarian buoyancy. Let us bow to this new moon; may she lift us to where we really want to be. Sagittarius, come grab us, throw us on your back with a fiery sonic boom.

The New Moon in Sagittarius brings us together. This transit is a powerful reminder of what can be accomplished when we come out of isolation and rejoin the collective. At this time last year I found myself in a gaggle of delightful Midwesterners after living in the wilderness, totally disconnected. On a grand scale we all need to come out and make this happen. Let’s meet each other in the park, beneath the stars, anywhere at all and SHARE THE LOVE.

The centaur archer thrives on magnanimity; wandering, flying, free-wheeling; good old-fashioned adventure; and concepts which illuminate. Sagittarius loves to travel both in body and in mind. This new moon asks us to consider our direction. We will first examine how and what we are learning.

There is nothing but heartwarming communion waiting for us. Please, enjoy yourselves. Drink and be merry, celebrate, go out on the town. Smile as you tell others how much you appreciate their generosity. Give big hugs, be good to one another. May this light fill your heart and entire being. Close your eyes and breathe deeply.

This fire is a catalyst. Just as fire helps a forest to be reborn, so too can the fires of the archer help you start over. Throw it all in the flames – let it die. Release, then reach…

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Mantra:  I am loved


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