New Moon in Pisces 🐠 Mar 17, 2018

Saturday, Mar 17 at 6.14am PST

Happy new moon everyone! This one falls in Pisces, the “last” sign in the zodiac before Aries and blessed spring rebirth. Next month’s new moon will fall in Aries as well. This moon, though it is new, is not really new at all. Pisces asks us to release and let go of psychic baggage. This is a new moon of blissful emptiness. We are not pursuing new projects or trajectories – not yet. That comes next month in the fires of Aries.

New moons make us feel unusually tired, and this is especially true with Pisces. In classic astrology, the fishes are associated with dreams, sleep, trance, hypnosis and other altered states of consciousness. At this new moon, try starting a dream journal. If possible, immerse yourself in hot water. Music, dance, yoga and meditation are other favorites of Pisces.

At this new moon last year I drove to the shores of Lake Superior in the upper peninsula for a workshop I was teaching. Winter blew harshly over the land. Lady Lake slashed the leaden sky with her icy waves. I couch-surfed deep in the silent woods in a home decorated like the ocean, with fish and palm trees and tropical scenes on the walls. My workshop was slow, sleepy and ill-attended, but I felt warm and gratified. Humming behind all was the unmistakable tone of surrender – all things fated – all things happen as they must.

This new moon forms two aspects, one helpful, the other not so much. The auspicious aspect is a trine to Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio. This will bring a sense of optimism, harmony and general good fortune to the new moon. We will feel exceptionally open, joyful, friendly and tolerant. Jupiter’s influence gives us great faith in humanity. The only caveat in this is that Jupiter will be retrograde, and not just retrograde, but retrograde in sister water sign Scorpio, a notoriously serious constellation. This might somewhat overshadow the positive aspects of this configuration, but certainly not extinguish it.

The other thing that’s happening is a square to Mars in Sagittarius. Mars brings unabashed life and passion to the table, but sometimes his desire for excitement leads to conflict. Beware temperamental, egotistical or emotionally reactive behavior. We will likely feel restless or impatient. Try channeling your energy into exercise.

Luna moves into Aries just hours after the new moon. The moon enters Taurus on Mar 19, Gemini late on Mar 21, then Cancer early on Mar 24 for the first quarter moon.

Pisces is at once sleeping and in motion. Even in stillness, we are rapidly transported from one level of consciousness to the next. Often the word faith is invoked when astrologers talk about Pisces. Beyond faith there is trust, blind trust. Relax your grip, sweet humans. In yoga and meditation, focus on the feet, lymphatic system and crown chakra. I recommend wearing white or cool tones. Rest your body with yin yoga or Pisces Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  OM


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