New Moon in Libra ♎ Oct 19, 2017

Thursday, Oct 19 at 12.12pm PST

Libra season: when days and nights are equal in length, earth steeped in gold, sun tilting, flirting with winter’s brambles. According to legend, the moon was in Libra when Rome was founded. Libra, daughter of Uranus (Father Sky) and Mother Earth. Breathe deeply, for you, too, are a Titaness.

New moons are synonymous with new beginnings – do you need to start over? Libra is all about meeting everyone’s needs simultaneously, but I think the real challenge is not in sacrifice, it’s in remaining true to our principles. Don’t back down and give up your power. You always have permission to speak. We cannot change anyone, only the way we see them. The people in your life reflect who you are. What do they say about you? Do they reflect your maturity and understanding? Everyone we meet is our teacher, our guru.

You’ll know if you’re surrounded by the right people because your internal scales will be level, not swinging wildly, threatening to erase the floor beneath you. Libra comes from the Greek goddess Themis, whose name translates to “divine law.” Consider that our social webs are not immune to universal law, that harmony is not a pleasant mistake but a heavenly construct.

In classical depictions, Themis is blindfolded and wielding a sword whose purpose is to cut through delusion. Although Libra is known as the creature of balance, there is actually very little “middle ground” in her world. The weights of her scale represent this and that, with no gray area in between. With her sword she splits the world in two. Sometimes this manifests within the Libra individual as a cold, rigid personality. These individuals are left-brained and mathematical. With sword in hand, we have a choice. We can become insensitive and cut into our world and social web with extremes, pushing all that we see and feel into one category or the other; or we can dig deeper and understand the true meaning of the sword.

Do not use the sword as a weapon. Do not use the sword to divide, to close, to cauterize. Use the sword instead as a line in the sand. Use it to draw boundaries around you, and let others make their own. These boundaries are not meant to isolate you; they are not meant to belittle others. These boundaries are not cruel, nor are they weak. They are clearly intended for one thing only, and that is love. To set boundaries is to love yourself and others. To set boundaries is to communicate. Boundaries help everyone, and they help keep the spirit flowing all around us.

Humanity is crying out for communion, for romance, for peace. So walk humbly, shyly to your lover’s side and let’s see what we can create together.

Power gemstones for Libra include peridot and tourmaline. Power herbs are bergamot, elderberry and thyme, as well as dried autumn flowers, pine cones or any other woodland beauties. The Libra power flower is the rose. Stand tall with Libra Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  peace


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