New Moon in Leo 🐱 July 23, 2017

Sunday, July 23 at 2.47am PST

The earth turns to catch the last rainbow rays of summer love. Do you feel your drive and confidence snowballing as we travel into the unknown? Immeasurable strength lies dormant in the heart until pressurized into awakening. This power lifts her head from beneath the covers, very alive. Can you feel it, can you hear it? Jump on Leo’s back. Break the gate beyond the garden, beyond the well-worn, withered fenceposts. If I could speak to the brilliance of the future, if I could capture even one word…

The super new moon in Leo exhumes the giggling inner child, running blindly toward the sun. If you want to find me, I’ll be dancing. I see weekend outings and games, midnight skinny dipping and buzzing hot summer hikes. I see mirthful kitties winking in the moonlight and long-haired hooligans racking the streets. This moon is citrus-bright, uncontainable. Take a juicy bite, let it drip down your heart in a jag of bass and bliss. To laugh when all is silent – this is the highest expression of the super new moon in Leo.

I do want to mention that this super new moon will be almost exactly conjunct Mars. Any conjunction with Mars suggests the possibility of explosive anger. Mars is another agent of fire like the Sun/Leo and easily provoked, as he is the god of war. So please be extremely careful with your words and actions and definitely do not act on the impulse to argue or correct someone. All of this can be very easily mitigated by cardiovascular exercise. I also recommend spending time in/near water after you sweat everything out.

Earthlings, enjoy this super sunshine time. Be exuberant and fearless. Square dance with your sexy neighbor. Sing karaoke. Climb a mountain. If you are normally introverted, you may experience some healthy personality and behavioral changes during the Leo cycle. For those who are already fiery, forthright individuals, this is rather a time when you need to watch your words and temper even more closely.

Soon we’ll turn the mind back on, but we don’t need it right now. Funnel your energy purely into creativity and expression. This is not the time for analysis. Now is the time for jubilation. So let’s party! One last hurrah before autumn and Virgo work mode! I wish you nothing but happiness!! Be buoyant, be free! Celebrate with Leo Yoga! To ascertain your personal Moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  bliss

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