New Moon in Gemini ♊ June 13, 2018

Wednesday, June 13 at 12.45pm PST

New moons are new beginnings. Every month the new moon falls in the same sign as the sun, wherever he happens to be. This lunar-solar conjunction is what we call a new moon. Sometimes this conjunction creates a solar eclipse, but not every month. The next solar eclipse is coming soon though – July 12!

The New Moon in Gemini is a cleansing starlight. The twins spin absentmindedly like weather vanes in a cool breeze. They carry the unmistakable scent of freedom. I see blue eyes electrifying the sky. I see mercury quivering, a feather drifting aloft. I see warm nights and bare arms, laughing fairies and painted flowers. Break your mind open, explore the infinite. Fly toward a new destination, within or without. We are scintillating seedlings surfing the air.

Everything is in constant motion. Arriving at stillness amidst such chaotic cellular activity seems ridiculous, impossible, laughable. Yet in this lifetime and the next and the next, this is exactly our task, and Gemini’s greatest lesson. See yourself as an entity that also embodies this contradiction: stillness in motion. We are perpetually becoming and being – in this realization, ecstasy. On the idea of becoming: “What would it mean to begin always from the middle? To experiment with renouncing that lure of mastery with which definitive beginnings and endings seduce thought?” – L.B. Higgins, Becoming through Multiplicity (2011)

Often new moons make us feel tired, but not in Gemini. This new moon coincides with the first day of Venus in Leo, so it should be exceptionally extroverted and boisterous. The day after the new moon, Luna will already be home in Cancer. By the weekend she will join Venus in Leo. On June 18 she enters Virgo, marking the end of the new moon period and beginning of the quarter moon.

You may still be tottering on the edge, dancing between two or more prospective realities. At this juncture, go for it wholeheartedly, or otherwise prepare to “settle” at next month’s new moon. This is the not the last open window, but it’s the last window that opens easily. The upcoming cycle holds the possibility of emotional drama.

In yoga and meditation, focus on the shoulders, arms and throat chakra. I recommend wearing blue, white or metallic tones. Calm the mind with deep breaths and Gemini Yoga. Notice the way in which your breath dictates, in part if not entirely, patterns of thought and perception. If possible, find an outdoor location where the wind blows strongly. Meditate here.

To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  freedom


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