New Moon in Gemini ♊ June 4, 2016

Saturday, June 4 at 11.00pm EST

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The New Moon in Gemini is a cool breeze lifting away what we no longer need or want. Gemini allows us to step back and see the Self in a cleansing starlight. I suggest writing, poetry or a dynamic intention-setting conversation with a close friend or sibling. I also recommend lots of pranayama to balance the wind element – see Gemini Yoga for ideas. Notice the way in which your breath dictates, in part if not entirely, patterns of thought and perception. If you have the time and resources, find an outdoor location where the wind blows strongly. Meditate here.

Much of the Gemini cycle is designed as a lesson in mind-stilling. Gemini embodies a magnificent contradiction, and one of great Truth: although it appears fixed and solid, everything is in constant motion, right down to the molecules humming in your body at this very moment. The idea that we might arrive at noiselessness amidst all of this chaotic cellular activity seems ridiculous, impossible, laughable. Yet in this lifetime and the next and the next, this is our foremost task. Allow the twins to guide you down the twisting, turning path of equanimity. See the Self as an entity that also embodies this contradiction: stillness in motion. What you will find is that we are perpetually becoming rather than being – in this realization, ecstasy. On the idea of becoming: “What would it mean to begin always from the middle? To experiment with renouncing that lure of mastery with which definitive beginnings and endings seduce thought?” – L.B. Higgins, Becoming through Multiplicity (2011)

To reap the highest potential from the New Moon in Gemini, we should move about, break open, fly toward the next adventure. If it’s not possible to take a vacation, even a short one, then you could explore internally with a summer class. Anything that whisks us to a new destination, in body or in mind – this is what Gemini craves and what he will reward us for handsomely.

This new moon is an important decision-point. You may still be tottering on the edge, dancing between two or more prospective realities. At this juncture you need to go for it wholeheartedly, or otherwise prepare to “settle” at next month’s new moon. This is the not the last open window, but it’s the last window that opens easily. Waiting for the upcoming cycle invites the possibility of emotional drama.

The change in direction you want to make is the right one if it has the unmistakable scent of freedom. I see electric blue eyes illuminating a vast skyscape. I see mercury quivering, unleashed, free to be as it was meant to be: quicksilver, everywhere at once. This is the essence of both the air element and the mutable modality, a feather drifting aloft. Set yourself free, my loves.

I want to motivate you to trust yourself. New moons help us to clear out and start over. The Universe will support you indefinitely, I promise. We are just seedlings traveling an air current. Enjoy the bright scintillation that the twins emit as they dillydally through timespace with glee.

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Mantra:  fresh


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