New Moon in Capricorn 🐐 Dec 29, 2016

Thursday, Dec 29 at 4.54am EST

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Despite feeling inspired, you’re not able to get off the couch, am I right? The Capricorn season is one of relaxation, rich foods, materialism and beloved rituals, but the sea goat is also known for his work ethic so let’s summon that now.

The new moon in Cap rises dark and silent with a very clear and serious message. This next cycle will see us through many things, including the inauguration of a disgusting excuse of a human to run this disgusting excuse of a democracy. On one hand, Capricorn represents exactly these evils, these stuffy, outdated patriarchal values and institutions so loathed by the spiritually conscious. But we cannot confine the archetype of the goat to just this, or we will never succeed in destroying these old structures and building anew. So remember that Capricorn is not only the man in the suit, he is also the fresh-faced architect. He will be the first to help plan and assemble the New Earth.

At this new moon last year I was skulking in a window-less basement sorting tangles of tools for a time-starved, straight-laced doctor dude. The work was tedious and felt ridiculous, but I had made a commitment and, after many days of picking through dusty, oily boxes, I was done, free, cash in my pocket. This is representative of the slow, colorless process of disentangling ourselves from what we don’t want or need – that which has lost usefulness.

Capricorn’s mantra is I use. He teaches the application of wisdom. You might feel leaden, useless, defeated – but Cappy is ultimately a centering force. He asks, how can I implement more self-control?

In Capricorn the moon is strained. The moon is in her “detriment” in Capricorn, opposite the sign she rules, which would be Cancer. A planet is weakest in detriment and life therefore more challenging. Removed of her warm oceanic essence, Luna is naked and vulnerable. Watch for mood swings and unusually low energy. Your inclination to stay home and meditate is perfectly natural.

Capricorn is a mighty mountain haul. The days leading up to this new moon are crucial – will you be prepared, or will you inherit a workload reeking of procrastination? No rapid manifestation here. Feel that solid and stagnant force in your bones? Earth is, by nature, heavy and resistant to change. Sloth entrenched in the body’s matter, deep enough to make us really appreciate blood flow, pushes us to the point of surrender.

Ancient bones creak inexorably forward, ghostly hands tug from below. Yes, there is joy in seemingly endless self-work, in winter and cold and loneliness. Go outside and breathe, in low gray clouds, in air crispy yet dense. Tired, depressed though you may be – you are infinitely supported by the earth and she would love to see you. See new sprouts popping, reaching for the sun. We can connect to earth and still be light.

Move your bones with Capricorn Yoga. To ascertain your personal Moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  rebuild


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