New Moon in Aries 🍒 Apr 15, 2018

Sunday, Apr 15 at 6.59pm PST

Happy new moon everyone!!! Last month we had a new moon in Pisces, one of the lowest energy points of the entire astrological year. This new moon is one of the year’s highest energy points. This is the rebirth we have been waiting for since last spring. It’s time for new projects, new trajectories and all things NEW.

The Aries new moon has a demolishing effect. Whatever was flimsy or false or unhealthy will now be flattened. Ignore external expectations which interfere with your basic spiritual needs. Trust in third eye whispers. Meditate on defiance; fearlessness; independence; risk. This is not the time to obey or conform. Life begins when we get up and move, and when we take chances. Nothing will ever teach you how to live quite like living will.

Two years ago I traveled to India. One week before this new moon, a Vedic astrologer recommended a ceremony to release past-life karma from my body. On new moon’s eve, I hopped on the back of his moped and rode more than an hour in falling dusk, looping along jungle roads speckled with wild elephant dung until we reached Haridwar, one of the seven holiest cities in India, located along the banks of the Ganges in the foothills of the Himalayas.

At the temple, another woman and I sat and twirled and chanted. The priests wove rice, flowers, colored powders, candles and water from the Ganges in a ceremony lasting more than an hour. Afterward, I was given the water used in the ceremony and instructed to bathe with it every day. Outside on the temple steps, I asked the other woman for a ride home. I was exhausted, head pounding, but feeling mischievous because I had skipped class to be there, and marveling at the entirely unspoken bond I had with this woman. Less than ten minutes into our journey back, the storm began.

My new friend and driver had a helmet, but I was defenseless, and the rain fell so heavily that it cut my face as we zipped through twisting lanes of traffic. In India, the streets churn night and day in a wriggling rainbow millipede of humans, cows, mopeds, rickshaws and trucks. Potholes are deep and numerous. In the near darkness, my dear driver did not see one of these gaping holes, and I was so jolted that I almost fell off into oncoming traffic. Violet lightning arced intermittently across the sky and thunder cracked with such force that we found ourselves screaming.

Once home and dismounting the moped, I discovered that I could barely move. My arms and legs were leaden and aching from gripping the moped with all of my strength. I walked home smiling, relishing my throbbing muscles, dripping clothes, squeaky, waterlogged sandals and feeling utterly, incandescently alive.

This new moon will be just two degrees from Uranus, so we must expect the unexpected. Mercury retrograde technically ends on the morning of April 15, but his effects will definitely still be palpable as well. In any case, this new moon is infused with the magic of uncertainty. We may be incredibly excited one moment, then suddenly aloof. No matter what, this day will likely be very social. Uranian energy is sincere, humanitarian and original. It will be difficult to stay in one place or follow one trajectory. Everything must be done on everyone’s own terms and in their own time, when the moment is right. And once it starts to flow, it will really really flow.

We will need a lot of stimulation. Some stimulation we can draw and create from our social circle by starting interesting conversations. When an existing protocol mandates how to do something, we will question or reject this. There is nothing fake or pretentious about this new moon. Uranian energy is erratic, so it may be difficult to finish what we have started. Engage in creative/intellectual projects and see them through. Be a warrior with martial arts or Aries Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  REBIRTH


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