New Moon in Aries 🔥 Mar 27, 2017

Monday, Mar 27 at 10.59pm EST

Happy New Moon!! Happy New Year!!! Last month we had a solar eclipse in Pisces, the lowest energy point in the astrological year. This upcoming new moon/new year is perhaps the year’s highest energy point.

If a voice deep within urges you here or there, GO. You have not only the power to choose, but the power to manifest. Do not ignore third-eye whisperings. Heed your intuition. Trust yourself.

This new moon has a demolishing effect. Whatever stood before, whatever was flimsy or false or unhealthy, will now be flattened, and if the same strain of weeds try to crop up post-new year, you will recognize them by their weakness. This weakness reflects a vital truth, that by virtue of being eradicated, these aspects of your life are clearly not helpful, supportive or fulfilling!

Qualities of the ram that engender success at this new moon: defiance; fearlessness; radical independence; risk-taking. This is not a time to obey or conform. Life begins when we get up and move, when we take chances and discover the thrill of the unorthodox. In yoga, as in life, there exists such a concept as divine compromise. We should not adhere to the expectations of society if they interfere with our basic spiritual needs. Life can offer us only so much inside a classroom, and nothing will ever teach you how to live quite like living will!

And now a little story: I had the pleasure of visiting India last year, and one week before this new moon/new year, I received a reading from a Vedic astrologer who recommended a ceremony to release past-life karma that was manifesting itself in my body. On new moon’s eve, I met him in Laxman Jhula and hopped on the back of his moped. We rode more than an hour in falling dusk, looping along jungle roads speckled with wild elephant dung, until we reached Haridwar, considered one of the seven holiest cities in India, located along the banks of the Ganges in the foothills of the Himalayas.

At the temple, myself and one other woman, riddled with karma from her past life as a shaman, sat and twirled and chanted. The priests wove rice, flowers, colored powders, candles and water from the Ganges in a ceremony lasting more than an hour. Afterward, I was given the river water used in the ceremony and instructed to bathe with some of it every day. Once outside on the temple steps, I asked the other woman for a ride home. I was exhausted, head pounding, but also feeling mischievous because I had skipped class to be there, and marveling now at this entirely unspoken bond. Less than ten minutes into our journey back, the storm began.

My new friend and driver had a helmet, but I was defenseless, and the rain fell so heavily that it seemed to cut my face as we zipped through the twisting lanes of traffic. In India, the streets churn night and day with humans, cows, mopeds, rickshaws and trucks like a wriggling rainbow millipede. Potholes are deep and numerous. In the near darkness, my dear driver did not see one of these gaping holes, and I was so jolted that I almost fell off into oncoming traffic. Violet lightning arced intermittently across the entire sky and thunder cracked with such force that we found ourselves screaming.

Once home and finally dismounting the moped, I discovered that I could barely move. My arms and legs were leaden and aching from gripping the moped with every ounce of my strength. I walked home smiling, relishing the sensation of throbbing muscles, dripping clothes, squeaky, waterlogged sandals and the feeling of being utterly, incandescently alive.

Looking forward…a few hours before the new moon comes exact, Luna is conjunct Venus Retrograde in Aries. On March 29, two more conjunctions with Uranus and Mercury in Aries. Later in the day, the moon plops into Taurus. The last conjunction before the quarter moon comes on March 30 with Mars in Taurus. One day later, the moon speeds into Gemini, then lastly into Cancer on April 2, and this is when we’ll begin to really feel the pressure of the quarter moon.

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Mantra:  REBIRTH


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