New Moon in Aquarius ♒ Jan 27, 2017

Friday, Jan 27 at 7.08pm EST

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Happy New Moon in Aquarius! First new moon of the year! For this one we need to be nimble and move with the wind. Say goodbye to your future plans or, at the very least, how you think life will roll because Aquarius changes everything without notice.

At this new moon last year I was on an island and unable to leave due to abnormally high winds, so I stayed for many days after, simple as that. Loose plans for the near future had formed in my head, but a clear message bristled in the wind: what we think we know is up for review at the New Moon in Aquarius. It’s all about navigating circumstances beyond our control, adapting to these circumstances and then continuing as before, groovy attitude unchanged.

Aquarius is a striking original thinker with unmatched inner brilliance, equally gifted in the cerebral, social and creative spheres. Although he is obviously a source of light, Aquarius is generally dissatisfied with life because he is insatiable! He often cannot see the paradox embedded in his own flesh, that real freedom comes from aforementioned adaptation, from remaining open-minded, detached from what you thought you knew. This new moon works in our favor when we exhibit fearlessness. We have to ask WHY NOT? Why not stay, why not change, why not make revisions to what I thought I knew?

It’s not about failing to receive what we desire or being stripped of what we have – in fact, the abrupt changes rendered by Aquarius deliver us to even more fortuitous circumstances than what we could create or imagine on our own. “Knowing” does not come from books or academic posturing or carefully crafted algorithms. True knowledge says: all is well, it always has been, and always will.

Looking forward…mid-morning on January 29, the moon enters Pisces. Early the next morning, January 30, the moon is conjunct (at the same degree as) Neptune. This day is auspicious for creative projects, all things related to music and dance, as well as positive communication with females. Potentially emotionally erratic, and watch the vices, maudlin Neptune likes to drink. Around noon on the following day, January 31, the moon is conjunct Venus, still in Pisces. Expect a similarly pleasant day – fruitful artistic endeavors, celestial guidance in interpersonal relationships and a dash of cosmic estrogen to promote empathy and sensitivity. Whenever the moon swims in Pisces, it is good advice to take baths, meditate, wear blue tones and take it easy with drugs and alcohol.

Later in the evening of January 31, the moon enters Aries and sidles up to a conjunction with Mars. You will feel a significant shift in energy as this is when the moon breaks through the stellar barrier between sleep and wakefulness, death and rebirth – in Aries she is a NEW WOMAN and so shall you be ;) A word of caution, however, because any conjunction with Mars suggests sudden anger. Burn it off with dancing and high cardio exercise. The last conjunction is with Uranus, still in Aries. This comes in the wee hours of February 2. Expect the unexpected, like accidents, falling, crashing and violent dreams. Conjunctions with Uranus suggest abrupt changes (Uranus rules Aquarius…) On the evening of February 2, the moon finally passes into Taurus, and from here she begins to form a hard right angle to the Sun in Aquarius. This signals the official end of the new moon period, the end of your “new beginnings” window – so get after it!

The day after the new moon is the beginning of the Chinese New Year. 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster. My knowledge of Chinese Astrology does not extend beyond the basics, but I do know that if you were born in the year of the Rooster (the year of your own animal is known as tai sui), this year is not considered auspicious, so all you roosters beware. Traditional Chinese advice to ward off the negative influence of tai sui includes wearing red and making an altar pointed in the cardinal direction associated with your animal.

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Mantra:  freedom

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