Super New Moon in Aquarius ♒ Jan 20, 2015

The New Moon in Aquarius comes exact on January 20, 2015 at 8:14 am EST

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Every New Moon falls in the same sign as that of the Sun. This is precisely what makes it a New Moon. On the same day that the Sun moves into Aquarius, the New Moon rises dark and silent in the sky. The Full Moon falls in the opposing sign. Aquarius’ opposite sign on the zodiac wheel (180 degrees across) is Leo, so this month’s Full Moon will fall here. Quarter Moons land in between on the squares; cycles always fall together in fixed, mutable or cardinal signs. The Moon phases this month will all be in fixed signs.

The Uranian cycle commences

The New Moon in fixed air sign Aquarius marks the kickoff for the coming month and the official end of the Capricorn cycle. We can learn a lot about the signs of the zodiac by looking to their ruling planets. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the Great Awakener. Under this influence we feel rebellious, innovative, progressive, liberated and radical. Needless to say, Aquarius is just about as different from Capricorn as you can get. We are entering a period of unprecedented creativity and cooperation. Your New Moon mantra might focus on breaking free: it’s time to experiment, color outside the lines and shed your proverbial skin.

Connecting to the intellect

The New Moon is your chance to recreate. This phase is like an infant: impressionable, vulnerable and wide-eyed. How will you set the tone for the coming month? What projects have you been meaning to launch? What changes need to be made? This is a time of beginnings, or perhaps going back to the start. Words, thoughts and actions that surface now are seeds planted for harvest at the Full Moon in Leo.

Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer, symbolically providing a basic necessity to the masses. As an air sign, the water bearer sources its spirit from the mental body. Aquarians are therefore highly intellectual and, when balanced, capable of producing an endless variety of unique and original ideas. Like Capricorn, Aquarius derives immense satisfaction from being of use to others. However, the water bearer is selfless; the sea goat could stand to learn more about this! Our focus now shifts from the Self to our social circle, inner brilliance and future plans.

Detached yet engaged

Aquarians are social creatures. These types will talk to anyone and everyone about anything. Because they enjoy being so candid and open-minded, Aquarians tend to adopt a rather detached demeanor. This is how the water bearer both protects the spirit and succeeds wildly in almost all endeavors. As a fixed sign, this aloofness may be taken to the extreme, manifesting in aggressive philosophical debates or irreconcilable personality conflicts. It is important to see Aquarians’ apparent neutrality for what it is: a method, nothing more. Aquarians enjoy being this way because it allows them to remain objective, centered and reasonable.

Stepping outside the box, then throwing it away

The Capricorn cycle encouraged us to apply ourselves in daily life by working hard and laying the groundwork for the New Year. Now that we have a sturdy foundation beneath us, it’s time to shake things up. We no longer wish to move slowly – like the mind of the water bearer, we are feeling restless, imaginative and inspired. The Aquarius cycle does not necessarily encourage us to be thorough and efficient so much as authentic and inventive. Expect many new things to enter your life; Aquarian energy typically draws us towards all that is alternative, groundbreaking, unorthodox and unconventional. This is the time of year when we branch out and try something different, especially in our social, intellectual and creative spheres. Get ready for a serious boost of energy in these areas of life.

Aquarius says no to tradition and yes to non-conformity. Unlike Capricorn, the water bearer has absolutely no issue living spontaneously and breaking the rules from time to time. The Moon asks now: where in life do you need more flexibility, tolerance and openness? Expect to crave transformation; visualize this cycle as the winds of change. We are shedding the heavy earth energy of Capricorn in favor of something quick, light and nimble. I’m getting excited just typing about it. If imbalanced, you might be too forceful with your ideology or rush through things without giving proper attention to the details. Remember all that we have learned from Capricorn about the importance of seeing projects through to completion.

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Mantra:  I am ready


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