Mercury Rx in Scorpio (!!) October 4 – 10

Mercury will station retrograde in Scorpio from October 4 – 10 before reentering Libra

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So we’ve talked about Mercury stationing retrograde starting October 4 and Mercury entering fixed water sign Scorpio as of last Saturday. Let’s combine the two and discuss the nature of Mercury Retrograde in this mysterious water sign. Click here to learn more about retrograde motion.

As the word “retrograde” implies, this is a time when we go back to finish, review, redo. With Mercury in deep and emotional Scorpio, we return to the past to address old wounds. If we are balanced, this process should be cathartic and uplifting. However, there is a danger here of revisiting the past and just staying there. Mercury Rx periods tend to make us feel nostalgic, but this can easily be taken to the extreme now. We must be careful not to become reattached to the things and people we loved dearly but then worked so hard to let go.

Not only must we be careful to maintain distance between the people and objects of desire from our past, but also from the feelings that accompanied the (painful) final separation from these powerful entities. Dwelling in retroactive resentment or sadness can be quite tempting. It is better, however, to take care of the Self by allowing our scars to heal completely.

Mercury Rx in Scorpio presents an opportunity to harness the magic of regeneration and transformation. If people and events from your past are no longer causing you problems, perhaps you work instead on correcting unhealthy recurring thought patterns or bad habits. In particular, Scorpio will direct our attention toward jealousy, control issues and secrets.

Scorpio lives at the bottom of the darkest ocean, swimming where others dare not go. This transit may lead you deep down into the netherworld of your psyche in an effort to reveal hidden truths. One word that comes to mind when I think of Mercury Rx is reality: there is simply no escaping! Mercury Rx in Scorpio will clear you out, emotionally speaking, so that you are able to actually see what lies below.

Imagine for a moment that your inner world is like a cave with the door sealed shut. Inside are all your skeletons and ancient pains, festering away. Mercury Rx in Scorpio will fearlessly dive down, remove the block and allow light and fresh air to stream in. Of course this can be painful, too – sometimes we would rather hide than acknowledge the nature of all that rankles within. If you can summon the courage, become Mercury’s aide: help to sweep away the proverbial dust and dirt from your aching soul. Now is the time to detox from the negative people, beliefs and associations in your life which no longer serve you.

Other possibilities for this transit: discovering what seduces us and why – in what ways do our desires control us? Are we unconsciously living in fear by clinging to them? Perhaps an old debt may suddenly resurface; or maybe we adopt a new perspective on a traumatic event from the past. On a global scale, this period will undoubtedly bring more scandals and heretofore hidden agendas to light, particularly concerning hypocrisy and sexual misconduct.

This is an extremely potent transit, I cannot emphasize that enough! To find your Mercury sign and whether he was direct or retrograde at the time of your birth, click here. It is interesting to note that, if you were indeed born with Mercury Rx, you may not notice the effects above as strongly, if at all. More to come on natal Mercury Rx!


In meditation, focus on the mulabandha, the pelvic floor lock, and root chakra. This is our power source, our base. When the root chakra is disturbed, this means that we are not settled. Upon this, everything else rests. Build your foundation securely.

Mantra:  I am powerful


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