Mercury Retrograde 🐐 Winter 2016

Dec 18 – Jan 4, 2017

Click here to learn about Mercury.

Planets in retrograde are not actually spinning backwards – it is entirely an optical illusion as seen from Earth. Backwards motion appears to happen when Earth passes slower moving planets in the outer solar system. In astrology, this illusion manifests as a “backwards” functioning of the planetary roles. Click here to learn more about retrograde.

Mercury turns retrograde 3-4 times a year, more frequently than any other planet. The last Mercury Retrograde was in Virgo this autumn. Mind candy from EarthSky:

On Mercury, for example, the Sun sometimes moves in retrograde! As the planet speeds through its closest approach with the sun, its orbital speed overtakes its rotational speed. An astronaut on the surface would see the sun partially rise, then dip back below the horizon, then rise again before resuming its east-to-west trek across the sky. Once a year, Mercury gets two sunrises on the same day!

Mercury is: communication, the mind, travel, expression, technology. When Mercury is retrograde, these realms are particularly affected.

Expect delays, cancellations or sudden changes to travel/social plans; technological failures, especially concerning cell phones, laptops or automobiles; communication breakdown; disorganization; confusion; impaired decision-making; mysterious disappearances or lost/stolen items; malfunctioning of anything and everything! I do not recommend major purchases or signing important (read: any) contracts/documents. This is not a good time for long-distance travel, life-altering commitments or investments. *No need to suspend what is already in progress. Caution should extend only to new endeavors.*

You’ll notice subtle changes and energetic shifts up to 10 days before, during the “shadow period” (Dec 8-18). This 10-day escalation will help us gauge the weeks to follow.

We’ve discussed Mercury in Capricorn as of December 2. Let’s combine topics and wax poetic on the nature of Mercury Retrograde in this cardinal earth sign. There will also be five days of Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius directly following this cycle.

Capricorn doles out constant reality checks. Retrograde periods return to that which has been ignored, forgotten or discarded, and here we return to issues of masculinity. The purpose of this retrograde cycle is resolution to communication barriers in this realm. Give proper attention to father, male partner or authority figure relationships.

Capricorn’s mantra is I use, and with Mercury here, language is ultra pragmatic. This is an imbalanced portrayal of masculinity, concerned only with applicability – what can others do for me?

Mercury Rx in Capricorn is a mini exhibition of what we’re seeing globally with Pluto in Capricorn. Any change happening in your personal life is a reflection of a current worldwide shift: return to the worship of Shakti.

Capricorn is undeniably masculine. For those who embody strong masculine energy, this is an opportunity for honest self-reflection. And even for those with mostly feminine energy – we all have a responsibility to acknowledge, incorporate and enact the highest expression of the Divine Masculine. Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn asks whether we’ve harnessed this power for the greatest good.

If conversations need to happen, they may not be very warm and fuzzy. In the public sphere we will see politicians making even more painful gaffes about women’s rights. Or maybe it will happen right at your own dinner table.

The goat sets extremely high standards for Self and others. One of the greatest challenges for Capricorn is to lighten up. During this cycle we might be critical, curt, disdainful of sentimentality.

You may feel stuck. Mercury in Capricorn is clearly not an openly emotive dude. So often we are afraid to communicate when we feel that we are tottering on an invisible edge. But there is nothing to fear; to speak is to be free. If you are feeling like a block of ice, physically warm your body and throat chakra.

Celebrate Mercury Retrograde with Capricorn Yoga. If you were born with Mercury in Capricorn, these next few weeks are your Mercury Return. To determine your Mercury sign and whether he was direct or retrograde at the time of your birth, click here. It is interesting to note that, if you were born during a Mercury Rx cycle, you may not experience the above as strongly.

Mantra:  change is good

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