Mercury in Virgo ☿ Sep 5-21

Sep 5–21, 2018

In the central plaza of ancient Rome stood gilt statues of gods and goddesses. Mercury and his father Jupiter were both depicted. Mercury is the cosmic patron of economics, travel, communication, perception and the human mind. He is also an orator, poet, soothsayer, healer, lucky star and underworld guide. With magical caduceus in hand, Mercury led freshly discorporated souls from the lower to the upper worlds.

Think of Mercury as a support beam for the sun and Venus. When Mercury joins the sun and/or Venus in the same constellation, the mind (Mercury) aligns with outward manifestation (sun) and the heart (Venus). Taking this into account, the whole transit should be lovely as the sun will also be in Virgo at this time. Venus, however, will already be ahead in Libra and Scorpio.

Mercury rules Virgo, so he is “at home” here, humming an ode to worker bees. Virgo rules facets of life such as cleanliness, health and nutrition. Virgo is attentive, regimented, objective, precise, productive. This is how she accomplishes everything that she does, lulling herself into a trance with hypnotic, repetitive motions, immersed in her body and hands as they work and cut, pull and harvest, chaff and sew.

Mercury channels each constellation directly into the mental process, and in Virgo this manifests as constant surveillance. Mercury in Virgo is a bird peering with sharp eyes, a spiral caving noiselessly in an endless brain-loop. When long, silvery antennae grow from the pit of your gut, don’t be alarmed. This new perceptivity is not designed to distract you with petty hypotheticals, but help you be more efficient and organized. If we stay busy, we can avoid typical Virgo pitfalls like paranoia. Virgo is always in analytical overdrive, constantly thinking yet expressing very little. You’ll know if you don’t have enough to do because your mind will instantly wander to the most trifling of concerns. Mercury in Virgo is best tempered through selfless service – by giving time and energy to others, we keep our troubles in perspective.

This transit starts off on a great note. On Sep 6, Saturn Retrograde ends. One day later, Mercury forms a harmonious angle to both Saturn and Uranus Retrograde in Taurus. This means we have a grand trine between Uranus, Mercury and Saturn in their respective earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). This is an excellent day for all things related to home, money and work. However, on the same day, the sun in Virgo opposes Neptune Retrograde. Expect mixed outcomes.

Sep 9 is the new moon and the first day of Venus in Scorpio. To the best of your ability, do as little as possible on this day. New moons are quite, reflective times. One day later, Mars moves back into Aquarius. On Sep 13, Mercury forms his own opposition to Neptune. Treat this day as you would Mercury Retrograde. Higher likelihood for disappointment due to unrealistic expectations. On Sep 15, Mercury forms a powerful trine to Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn. This influence equates to deep psychological plumbing and emotional catharsis. The following day is a quarter moon.

On the last full day of Mercury in Virgo, the sun finally catches up to Mercury. When they are at the same degree (in the same place in the sky, as seen from Earth), this is called conjunction. I suspect that this will be the best day of the entire transit, as well as Sep 15.

Drone on, little bees, and don’t stop, there will be time later to smell the flowers. You might feel a bit robotic, but this is normal. Watch for increased criticism of self and others. One major challenge for Virgo is learning how to let things be as they are. Not everything can or needs to be fixed!

Hop on a bicycle or try Virgo Yoga. Give special attention to your stomach and digestion. In meditation, focus on the solar plexus. Wear comfortable earth tones. If you were born with Mercury in Virgo, these couple weeks are your Mercury Return. To find your personal Mercury sign, click here.

Mantra:  I analyze


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