Mercury in Virgo ☿ July 30 – Oct 7

July 30 – Oct 7, 2016

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Mercury rules Virgo, so he is “at home” here as we say in astrology. Et voilà, the awakening of the worker bee. This is a long transit because Mercury will later turn retrograde in Virgo – more on that next month.

Virgo gets a bad rap for being so concerned with precision, but this is how the virgin accomplishes everything. Mercury in Virgo does not have the luxury of slipping into a reverie. There’s a whole field to be harvested and daylight’s burning! You would be just as methodical if you had such a job to do. Let’s return to the body and hands before us.

Others struggle to attain that which comes effortlessly (seemingly) to Mercury in Virgo. He masterfully juggles many responsibilities at once. With Mercury in Virgo, we utilize objective, productive critical thinking. It’s time to examine the order of our day-to-day. Virgo is a familiar voice whispering how nice it would be to reinstate a regimented daily program. It’s time to prune, sort and clear. Virgo rules mundane work such as cleaning as well as health and nutrition. Imbalanced Virgos are typically lacking in this department – prone to messes, poor health, no distinct routine.

Watch for criticism and harsh words, both to others and the Self, and/or self-consciousness. One major challenge for Mercury in Virgo is learning how to let go, to let things be as they are. The virgin wants to fix everything, but not everything can or should be fixed! Think coordination rather than control.

We can learn more about Mercury in Virgo by looking at his predecessor, Leo. The themes of Virgo build upon those of Leo, so by examining the lion, flaws and all, we better understand the virgin’s behavior patterns. Conjunct constellations swing wildly and diametrically away from one another in terms of tendencies and character to create symmetrical counter-action, a balancing of the cosmic scales if you will. This means the virgin, unlike Leo, thinks way too much. Virgo is always in analytical overdrive. He may not do it immediately, but Mercury in Virgo never fails to express how he’s feeling, neuroses notwithstanding.

When I visualize this transit, I see a bird peering with sharp eyes. I see a spiral crashing and caving noiselessly in an endless brainloop. Mercury channels each constellation directly into the mental process, and in Virgo this manifests as constant surveillance. A hyperactive mind can quickly transform into a whirlpool of paranoia, among many other possible and equally unhealthy mental traps. Do everyone a favor and stay busy to avoid these pitfalls. You’re going to grow some new antennae, but don’t be alarmed. The purpose of this exceptional perceptivity is not to bog you down with insane hypothetical tangents or petty worries but to help you be efficient and take care of all the details. You’ll know right away if you don’t have enough to do because your mind will instantly wander to the most trifling of concerns and then stay there squawking like a skipping record.

Mercury in Virgo is best tempered through selfless service – when we spend time giving back to the greater good, we keep our troubles in proper perspective. You might feel a bit robotic, this is normal. Drone on, little bees, and don’t stop, there will be time later to smell the flowers.

Celebrate Mercury with Virgo Yoga. If you were born with Mercury in Virgo, these next few months will be a Mercury Return for you. To ascertain your personal Mercury sign, click here.

Mantra:  I analyze


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