Mercury in Taurus ☿ Apr 5 – June 12

Apr 5 – June 12, 2016

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As soon as Mercury sparkled into Aries, laughter bloomed all around. What a joyful transit; a return to the ease of childhood, so rich with natural amity, so playful and loving, open and free, hopeful, forgiving. I hope that the ram is helping you to move forward with a smile. This energy you feel in your heart and spirit is your real home, your true nature. The less we think, the more we do and become – direct and perspicuous evolution. With Mercury in Aries we learn how to simultaneously appreciate and challenge the Self. Now prepare to bed the tongue down in the gardens of Taurus.

Mercury in Taurus is slow, serious and (sometimes unwarrantedly) self-assured. Those born with this placement sound confident even when they’re not. Communication here is direct, matter-of-fact, concise, assertive. Taurus lives in the basics. When in doubt, keep it simple. Candidly and powerfully communicate how you’re feeling.

When Mercury the Messenger rides the bull, humorously bold statements abound, all according to the confines of Taurean reality. Mercury in Taurus can be too complacent or, on the other hand, unnecessarily argumentative. The bull speaks with conviction, but sometimes her straightforwardness is just unreasonably severe, even judgmental. Mercury in Taurus portends to be real and upfront, but this is not always the case.

The bull is content as long as her surroundings are peaceful, at least in appearance. Taureans lacking in self-awareness often cannot see past the raw physical details of external reality, but the balanced bull is minimalist and essentialist, effectively rejecting dependence upon material comforts and luxuries. She is interested in eliminating what is not important so as to better see what is. Some Taureans struggle with spirituality because it is difficult for them to ground in the unknown. As a result, Mercury in Taurus is less interested in grasping the complexities of life and more so in sustaining and maintaining. It is crucial to push for greater depth – what lies beneath the surface? However, we must first focus on the nuts and bolts of daily life because, as the bull teaches, it is only after we have control over our bodies that transformation arises.

Mercury in Taurus is unabashedly sensual and passionate, but not particularly emotional or profound. This is not to say that all Taureans are simple beasts, just that this transit does not really address issues that have been lurking undetected. The bull is well equipped to handle arduous and elaborate missions so as long as they have some basis in the terrestrial scape perceived by the senses.

Taurus is not interested in small talk, but let’s discuss why. Mindful Taureans recognize small talk as superfluous, meaningless – indeed, the bull cherishes her pragmatism. However, bulls who have yet to do self-work reject small talk out of irritability, and might say you are “wasting her time.” This is what I mean about “Taurean reality.” Understand that Mercury in Taurus moves at a glacial pace because we need more time to choose our words carefully. And although it doesn’t happen quickly for her, resolution/completion gives Taurus deep satisfaction. Yet when it comes to her surroundings and other people, the bull mired in ignorance does not graciously extend her patience to others. As a result, Mercury in Taurus can be intransigent and unforgiving.

Taureans with proper self-awareness neither seek nor desire; they sink into the earth with a big happy sigh.

Just be.

Celebrate with Taurus Yoga.

I was born with Mercury in Taurus, so these next two weeks will be a Mercury Return for me. To ascertain your personal Mercury sign, click here.

Mantra:  my home is within


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