Mercury in Scorpio ☿ Oct 17 – Nov 5

Oct 17 – Nov 5, 2017

Mercury transits are not necessarily high impact on their own; it is Mercury’s interaction with the sun and Venus which are really crucial, or the context within which Mercury operates. Mercury enters Scorpio about a week before the sun. This means that our mind will receive the first nectar of the scorpion cycle. The mind will be groomed and ready. Mercury will move out of Scorpio before Venus dips her toes in the pool, so they will not sync up – in other words, the mind and heart will operate independently from one another. Moreover the Scorpio cycle comes on the heels of the New Moon in Libra. The scorpion archetype does not enter fully until the end!

Mercury in Scorpio signals a complete cleanse of the psyche. This is often an emotionally-charged cycle, replete with outbursts. Scorpio, goddess of night, brings repressed tension to the surface. Mercury rules the mind and throat chakra, and when he hangs out in Scorpio, we extract pain. It is time for long overdue conversations, words of forgiveness, apologies and brutal honesty. In particular, issues related to money or sexual trauma may be broached. Mercury is a swinging door, a broom on the threshold, shuffling stifled energy out across the tongue. This transit renders healthy death of that which must die.

Scorpio belongs to the water element. She willingly abides in mystery, in depths where others dare not swim, probing for insight and understanding, or perhaps conquest through manipulation. With the help of our instincts and subconscious mind, we will be able to read everything and everyone with astounding clairvoyance. However, if we misuse this newfound power, we might be intransigent, begrudging or intentionally cryptic.

Animals associated with Mercury include the rooster, ram, goat and tortoise. In Scorpio, the ram blazes from Mercury’s breast – passionate, lusty, forceful. In ancient times, Scorpio was ruled by Mars, God of War. Though modern astrologers now associate Scorpio with Pluto, her warrior roots are still very alive. I see both in her. She is pointed and fierce, yet profound. She is suspicious and psychoanalytical, yet fearless, persevering. When you call her name, you call upon spiritual rebirth; upon destruction; and upon the destruction of control dynamics.

Mercury in Scorpio can make the mind and tongue so sharp it cuts bones clean open, but this cycle is also sensual, mystical. Scorpio is obsessed with uncovering motivating forces, or what makes it all go round. She is decidedly fatalistic and intangible, yet meaningful, poignant. No small talk here. Speech runs to the root. As it were, the scorpion lives in the root chakra of the body. This is why Scorpio is so intimately linked to sex, survival and trauma. She is a hungry animal gnawing and growling, wailing us back to hard nights in the dark autumn woods, alone, raging, fur standing on end.

Every constellation is a preparation for the next. The scorpion’s lessons prepare us for the centaur, Sagittarius. Mercury in Scorpio draws out everything ghoulish in order to create empty space for the glowing flames of Sagittarius. So speak, clear it out. This transit is meant to be cathartic and healing.

Mercury in Scorpio has weight, like a dust-covered box in the basement. Like a heavy lock, opened only by the skeleton key slurping in the silty backwoods pond. But you already know exactly what to do. Our greatest challenge, as always, is in the doing. My advice is simple: stand back and let it flow, do not be afraid. To speak is to be free.

The last full day of Mercury in Scorpio is also the full moon. There is nowhere on this planet where you can escape the power of the moon, sun or Mercury! You cannot hide, you cannot lie, and you cannot go wrong!

Wade the deep waters with Scorpio Yoga. If you were born with Mercury in Scorpio, these next few weeks are your Mercury Return. To find your personal Mercury sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am powerful


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