Mercury in Scorpio ☿ Oct 24 – Nov 12

Oct 24 – Nov 12, 2016

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It’s time to clean the psyche from top to bottom. This is often a very emotional cycle, replete with outbursts. Mercury rules the throat chakra, so when Scorpio comes here, we extract through this portal. Extract what? Anything blocking the throat chakra, like a long overdue conversation, words of forgiveness, an apology. Mercury is a swinging door, a broom over the hearth, shuffling stuffed words and thoughts from out of the mental body and across the tongue. In Scorpio these are especially charged, having usually to do with tensions repressed over months or years. Mercury in Scorpio renders endings.

With Mercury in Scorpio, communication is pointed and profound. In astrology water energy represents the inner body. Scorpio willingly abides in mystery, in depths where others dare not swim, probing for insight and understanding, or perhaps conquest through manipulation. When imbalanced, we might be intransigent, unforgiving or cryptic. As balanced cosmonauts, however, we can read every situation with astounding clairvoyance. Use your instincts and subconscious.

Now we observe everything intently: sharp, investigative, suspicious. Mercury in Scorpio is seeking, perseverant. Scorpio wants to know true motives and what makes the Universe tick. Topics of conversation are decidedly fatalistic, intangible, meaningful, poignant. No small talk here. Speech runs to the root. The scorpion also lives in the root chakra of the body.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, planet of rebirth, destruction, power and control. As a result, Mercury in Scorpio can be obsessive, cutting, but also sensual, sexual and mystical. You might take an interest now in astronomy or oceanography, among other things.

Every constellation is a preparatory guide for the next. The scorpion’s lessons prepare us for those of the centaur archer, Sagittarius. So Mercury in Scorpio draws out everything ghoulish in order to create empty space for the glowing flames of Sagittarius. If you leave anything inside your mind-house, it will be wasted, burned. We have to speak and clear out. At its core, this transit is meant to be cathartic and deeply healing.

My advice is simple: stand back and let it flow. So often we are afraid to communicate true inner thoughts and feelings, especially when other hearts are involved. But the beautiful thing about this cycle is that we learn exactly the inverse, that there is nothing to fear, that to speak is to be free. This transit may particularly confront issues related to money or inheritance.

Mercury in Scorpio has weight. He’s a dust-covered box in the basement that you’ve been meaning to sort through for ages. He’s a heavy lock opened only by a skeleton key muddling in the silt of a scummy backwoods pond. But you already know exactly how to handle the situation. Our greatest challenge, as always, is in the doing :)

Celebrate Mercury with Scorpio Yoga. If you were born with Mercury in Scorpio, these next few weeks are your Mercury Return. To ascertain your personal Mercury sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am powerful


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