Mercury in Sagittarius ☿ Nov 12 – Dec 2

Nov 12 – Dec 2, 2016

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Mercury in Sagittarius looks out across the starry night. Freedom beckons. Shake loose the darkness and ascend.

Mercury in Sagittarius is blunt and honest – all I can say is hot DAMN he does not hold back. Bombs shall be dropped, some friendships may end, but t’is all in the name of Truth. Sagittarius worships Truth for one important reason: he thrives on change and movement. What better way to invite change than communicating high on a veracity supertonic? Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, administrator of altruistic justice. The centaur is kind of like Libra, but more fiery and zesty.

A funny thing about Truth is, although it may be requested, it is not always warmly received. Sagittarius teaches us to barrel through and say it anyway.

Mercury in Sagittarius is a strictly genuine dude. This, however, is sometimes apparent only at the end. You know when we put on our best face and pretend that everything is ok even if it’s not, purely for the sake of uninterruptedness in the false humdrum of social nicety? That’s Sagittarius, dodging bullets until a window opens for straight-talk. The archer does not dwell or hold grudges because he releases all in the heat of the moment – nothing’s left to rot. The really great news is that he will, almost assuredly, be the first to rise above pettiness. I think that with Mercury in Scorpio we have somewhat of a choice whether to speak or remain silent. Not so with Mercury in Sag – we have to speak, clear the air.

Mercury in Sagittarius is overwhelmingly inquisitive. We have a responsibility to channel this as expanded percipience, not scatterbrain nightmare land. Gather yourself as much as possible, refine the tongue. Cool it first with a brisk walk and meditation. Paradoxically, bodily movement is cooling for Sagittarius.

The mantra for Sagittarius: I aim. He lives in the sacral chakra of the body, floating around the hips and pelvis. Physical exercise is a must, in addition to yogic hip openers. If we don’t stretch our legs, how can we know what it all means? Every constellation is a preparatory guide for the next. The centaur’s lessons prepare us for those of the sea goat, Capricorn. So Mercury in Sagittarius spits out Truth in order to create empty space for Capricorn’s final touches – the last pouring of the concrete – the completion of a project begun in March.

November 18 Mercury squares (forming a right angle to) Neptune Retrograde in Pisces. This points to confused speech, miscommunication and themes of obfuscation. Tread lightly. On November 23 Mercury will be conjunct (at the same degree as) Saturn in Sagittarius. Excellent opportunity to converse (Mercury) about long-term career goals (Saturn). Alternatively, this may be the day you are contacted by a mentor or authority figure who can offer you work/guidance. November 26, two days after Thanksgiving, Mercury trines Uranus Retrograde in Aries. We saw a trine between Venus in Sagittarius and Uranus just recently on November 5 and although I thought it would be light and magical, it was actually full of tension. Having said that, I expect more of the same now that I am ever the wiser :)

Celebrate Mercury with Sagittarius Yoga. If you were born with Mercury in Sagittarius, these next few weeks are your Mercury Return. To ascertain your personal Mercury sign, click here.

Mantra:  I live in truth


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