Mercury in Pisces ☿ Feb 25 – Mar 13

Feb 25 – Mar 13, 2017

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In speech, writing and self-presentation, we twist and flow as wise water wends the bends of the ancient riverbed. Mercury in Pisces will blur dreams and reality until life feels thoroughly illogical and irrational. At her worst, Pisces leads humanity into the throes of mass delusion.

Artistic endeavors will prove unusually gratifying with an unmistakable sense of finality. This is the irrevocable attunement – first confusing, muddling, swirling, then cracked open, a spectacle of light. Now comes the proverbial death of the mind. Let it fall away. Create yourself anew, fresh as a daffodil on a warm spring afternoon. Mercury in Pisces lives in psychedelics; transcendentalism; meditation; mysticism; shamanism; healing; surrender; acceptance.

The greatest challenge for Mercury in Pisces is being of equal service to both Self and Universe. The fishes oscillate between intense periods of inward reconstruction. Pisces should devote herself to only one endeavor at a time or she will give until nothing remains, not even personal stores of energy and self-love. This leaves the fishes chronically depleted.

When Mercury the Messenger gets tangled in Pisces’ net, we internalize. Pisces stuffs everything deep in her psyche, and then she masterfully ignores the building pressure within by granting endless free passes and second chances to Self and others. Expect to see more of her shadow on global display: evasive speech, denial and deliberate deceit.

Mercury in Pisces is rambling, scattered and painfully subjective. The fishes dismantle all that we’ve built since last spring and you can bet she’s not very disciplined. It’s an uphill battle beneath the waves. Though you may be inclined to glance, gloss and slip away, fight it! Look at the world with focused eyes; embrace objectivity and critical thought. Mercury in Pisces calls it good even when it’s not. However, I am not suggesting planning anything – that, my friends, is not a great idea; Pisces is the living antithesis of planning!

On the day after Mercury moves into Pisces, we have a solar eclipse in Pisces! Then, on March 4, Mercury forms a conjunction to Neptune. As Neptune is ruler of Pisces, this is going to be another very fishy weekend, so delve into that intuition! This is not a favorable day for important conversations – well, the whole Mercury in Pisces transit is unfavorable, but be especially wary on this day. Any conjunction with Neptune makes life feel vague and murky. Say no to life-changing decisions. This is also the first day of Venus Retrograde! Really watch those interpersonal interactions! And on the following day, March 5, we have a quarter moon. A formidable weekend it shall be…

On March 12, Mercury squares Saturn. This is like inspection day with old Uncle Saturn. Have you been fully concentrated on your work, emotional or otherwise? What are the results of your efforts? Squares connote seriousness. Conversations may be rather weighty. This is also the full moon in Virgo! All signs point to work-related changes and shake-ups. Prepare for a new professional direction if the time is ripe.

I suggest copious introspection and writing to digest what will surely be many a languid day of unabated daydreaming. Let the power of imagination rule supreme. Soften gracefully to fantasy and ambiguity.

Celebrate Mercury with Pisces Yoga. If you were born with Mercury in Pisces, these next few weeks are your Mercury Return. To ascertain your personal Mercury sign, click here.

Mantra:  my dreams speak


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