Mercury in Leo ☿ July 13 – 30

July 13 – July 30, 2016

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Mercury in Leo is matter-of-fact and his favorite subject is the Self. Yes, this usually indicates lack of awareness, but not always. Think brilliant speeches and vivid, textured imagery. The lion is a big talker who loves exaggeration and humor. He paints broad, colorful brushstrokes with his words, bright and dramatic. Mercury in Leo wants to be appreciated. Once this is secured, then he will reciprocate. That’s how Leo operates – respect me first, and we’ll see after that. But catch Leo at the right moment and he’ll make you feel like the most wonderful person in the world.

Despite being a fire sign, Leo has no problem sitting still. In truth, he’s difficult to budge at all. Here we see the inner child – both the curious, adventurous side and the one that insists he already knows everything. Mercury in Leo eschews analytical communication in favor of forceful monologues and often cares too much about what other people are thinking and doing. This is rooted in the fact that Leo does not like change or mystery. He is obstinate and viscous when left to his own devices, sometimes rigid or old-fashioned.

Mercury in Leo is not like Mercury in the other fire signs. Mercury in Aries speaks without thinking in an angry, unexpected kind of way. Mercury in Sagittarius speaks without thinking in an innocent, truthful manner. But Mercury in Leo thinks way too much, bottles everything, resorts to passive aggressiveness and then unleashes his feelings in a torrent of suppressed emotion. This seems counter-intuitive, but we have to remember that Leo lives in the heart. Unlike his fire-cousins Aries and Sagittarius, the lion is forever bound to the unruly sensitivity of the emotional body.

Music, dancing, theater or any kind of creative work is greatly favored now. This is the best way for the lion to channel his moodiness. Based on what I’ve written so far, you might imagine Mercury in Leo natives as downright loud and arrogant, but in reality they can be very quiet and well aware of their own struggles. These types work conscientiously to hide the ego and become more humble. However, it is possible that they will also hide antiquated (socially unacceptable) beliefs about gender, sex and romance, so be careful when bringing up these topics in conversation.

It is Mercury, ruler of the mind, who really catalyzes each zodiac cycle. I think Mercury is more influential even than the Sun on our central consciousness. Mercury channels each constellation directly into the mental process, and in Leo this manifests as pride. During last summer’s Leo season, the US Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide – just one positive example of pride in action.

The last week of Mercury in Leo (July 22-30) will be the most intense when Venus and the Sun are also in Leo. Watch for temper tantrums and egotistic impulses at this time. Important conversations should wait until after July 30 or even better, late August, time permitting. As always, my best advice is to stay open and avoid internalizing. Say what you feel without resorting to blame or childish tactics. Spending time with women is recommended, platonically or otherwise. Our words carry special weight, power and strength now, so use them wisely :)

Celebrate Mercury with Leo Yoga. If you were born with Mercury in Leo, these next few months will be a Mercury Return for you. To ascertain your personal Mercury sign, click here.

Mantra:  be cool

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