Mercury in Gemini ☿ June 6-21

June 6 – 21, 2017

Mercury will spin through Gemini at breakneck speed and I’ll be damned if we’re not ready after a trudging retrograde through Taurus.

Hunahpu and Xbalanque are twins from the ancient K’iche’ text called Popul Vuh, the creation story of the Mayan people. These twins, as do many twins from other mythemes, represent duality in all forms: male and female, light and darkness, day and night, life and death, sun and moon. In East Asia, this is yin and yang. At the end of the Popul Vuh, the twins become the actual sun and moon after surfacing from deep within the earth and climbing straight into the sky, thus beginning a new era of peace and security. May this transit similarly elevate you to a new phase in which all aligns in an orgiastic mind-body-spirit symphony.

To the untrained eye, Gemini appears cool and collected. Yet hiding just under the surface of this carefully manicured facade is a bundle of nervous energy. Gemini is undeniably raw, his soul an unedited manuscript, as though tattooed in a hurried scrawl. This transit demarcates one of the busiest periods of the year, if not the busiest. Good luck finding time to practice centering modalities like meditation for respite and tranquility, no matter how brief!

Since Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, we say that he is returning “home” now. It is Mercury, ruler of the mind, who catalyzes each season. In fact, I think Mercury is even more influential than the Sun on our central consciousness. Mercury channels each constellation into the mental process. In Gemini this manifests as the most quintessential embodiment of mercurial essence and all that it rules: namely, communication and intellect. Gemini is our resident wordsmith and scholar. With Mercury in Gemini you may feel the urge to travel, move or go (back) to school. This is a great time for writing and musical pursuits of all kinds.

With Mercury in Gemini the big picture gets easily overlooked. But upon what is Gemini fixating so intently that we might fall into such obliviousness? What begins as intellectual/psychological analysis ends in mental hoopla. Gemini stitches a vast textural variety of thoughts from every corner of the mind, all of which are then, with great attempt, shakily transposed over the initial analysis. See, Gemini is actually a very talented decoder. His insights, however, are immediately distorted by an insistence on scrutinizing everything to death!

Gemini routinely pushes himself out of his comfort zone to slake an undying thirst for what is real and extreme and intoxicating in all its realness. But then he returns to his tight concentricity, his fixed and familiar revolution, rocked back by the same lull as always. This is one of many contradictions in the Gemini soul.

It’s constant warfare inside Gemini. One twin wants to love and be loved, the other can’t wait to fly away and never come back. I think the twins know very well how often and quickly they fluctuate. With Mercury in Gemini, we may struggle to communicate what this feels like, what we need, what is even happening, who are we!? The best advice that I could possibly give is to relax and breathe. Don’t think so much, everything is ok :)

As with any Gemini transit (but especially this one), there is special emphasis on communication – what and how. Gemini talks a lot, with plenty of wild gesticulation and exaggeration (for the sake of a good story, of course), mashing tales faster than you can say auntie-can-I-please-have-some-more-tahini. But despite his motormouth, Gemini is actually a cautious and serious creature. Gemini is solemnly private, his soul cloaked in secrecy.

Gemini types openly admit that they can’t/won’t stay in relationships, jobs or physical locations for very long. Infatuated with mystery, Gemini becomes instantly intrigued by (addicted to) new people or ideas, but just as quickly as these arise, he may drop obsessions as though nothing ever happened. We must actively combat such behaviors during the Mercury in Gemini cycle. The twins know how to cast powerful spells, keeping Truth and (true) Self well guarded. Here we see a flicker of the twins’ notorious aloofness. How else could they play so many parts at once, and with consistent excellency? Emotionally detached, with lips selectively checked.

About 12 hours before Mercury enters Gemini, Venus also returns home to her ruling constellation, Taurus. With Neptune in Pisces, this makes three planets at home. The moon will be in Scorpio all day. Calm the mind with Gemini Yoga. If you were born with Mercury in Gemini, these next few weeks are your Mercury Return. To ascertain your personal Mercury sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am calm


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