Mercury in Capricorn ☿ Dec 2 – Feb 7

Dec 2 – Jan 4, 2017 and then, due to a retrograde period, Jan 12 – Feb 7, 2017

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Mercury in Capricorn disdains sentimental anecdotes, wishy-washy feelings and rambling tangents. The sea-goat has a curt and authoritative delivery. He tells other people what he would like to see happen, what needs to be done, all of his plans. Capricorn, like the other earth signs, is plan-oriented until the day he dies. With Mercury the Messenger in this constellation, communication therefore revolves around planning and organizing. It’s time to refocus on projects/goals ditched in favor of wilder adventures, although this may feel impossible considering the insane pace of Life right now.

I like the sea goat because he is deliberate. He doesn’t race ahead to the next most enticing thing. Mercury in Capricorn studies. He wants not only to know, but to know how.

Natives with this placement often come off as cold, critical, inflexible. They must learn to also say what they are feeling. Capricorn’s mantra is I use, and with Mercury here, we choose ultra pragmatic language. This is an imbalanced portrayal of masculinity, concerned only with applicability – what can others do for me? The sea goat’s psyche is a rigid one, and there are many reasons why.

The goat sets extremely high standards for Self and others. When I visualize this sign, I feel strain in my body. One of the greatest challenges for Capricorn is to lighten up. Ruled by Saturn, businessman uncle of the zodiac, Capricorn struggles to feel real freedom. This restrictive quality does originate from the goat himself, but fortunately he is well aware of this.

The sea goat does not like to take risks, as these inevitably lead (if only in his mind) to a long and painful fall. Capricorn reels us back to center with his overwhelming need for life to operate at maximum efficiency. Mighty instiller of order to the chaos, he also doles out constant reality checks.

Mercury in Capricorn is an undeniably masculine communicator. For those who embody strong masculine energy, this is an opportunity for honest self-reflection. And even for those with mostly feminine energy – we all have a responsibility to acknowledge, incorporate and enact the highest expression of the Divine Masculine. Mercury in Capricorn asks whether we’ve harnessed this power for the greatest good.

The sea goat finds infinite comfort in structure and discipline, and he both admires and emulates those in positions of authority. Pay attention to father, male partner or authority figure relationships. In the public sphere I think we’ll see conservative politicians making (even more) painful gaffes about women’s rights. Or maybe it will happen right at your own dinner table! If conversations need to happen, they may not be very warm and fuzzy.

You may feel stuck. It should be obvious by now that Mercury in Capricorn is not prone to open emotional expression. My advice is simple: say what is in your heart. So often we are afraid to communicate true inner thoughts and feelings, especially when we feel that we are tottering on an invisible edge. But there is nothing to fear; to speak is to be free. This transit may particularly confront issues related to your career or professional life. If you are feeling like a block of ice, physically warm your body and throat chakra. And then take a deep breath, put on a smile and let your words come sweetly.

Celebrate Mercury with Capricorn Yoga. If you were born with Mercury in Capricorn, these next few weeks are your Mercury Return. To ascertain your personal Mercury sign, click here.

Mantra:  I mean what I say


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