Mercury in Cancer ☿ June 21 – July 5

June 21 – July 5, 2017

In the central plaza of ancient Rome stood gilt statues of 12 major gods and goddesses. Mercury and his father Jupiter were both represented. In astrology Mercury is primarily known as patron of economics, travel, (mis)communication, perception and the human mind. He was also, however, an orator and poet, soothsayer, healer, lucky star and underworld guide. With magical caduceus in hand, Mercury led freshly discorporated souls from the lower to the upper worlds. When Mercury transits Cancer, we have a divine opportunity to experience more of Mercury’s right-brain gifts.

Cancer is sweet and low like summertime rain. With Mercury in Cancer we wander softly to the past, to home, to family. Cancer is attentive and prudent, yet speculative, dreamy. Her words tumble directly from the wellspring of the soul, a form of intelligent communication rooted in divine feminine wisdom. When she asks how you are doing, she really wants to know, and listens sincerely when you answer.

With Mercury in Cancer we are more easily disturbed by negative spirits, so make sure to surround yourself with the right people. Stay especially well-hydrated and spend time in/around a body of water if you can.

Cancer is the constellation of heartfelt anecdotes, rambling tangents, motherly love and wide-eyed, youthful impressions of the world. Cancer is protective and deeply caring, living for love and the securing of love above all else, the most difficult path of all. Society tries to police emotional release – but we won’t obey. Cancer is not frail or wimpy. Sensitive, yes, but not weak. In fact, the crab is exceptionally resilient.

What we have to work on during this transit is reactivity. Cancer sees and feels all. Gently steer yourself away from fearful or clinging thoughts. If you’re familiar with The Four Agreements, Miguel Ruiz writes that “nothing in life is personal.” This is particularly difficult for the crab to remember. With Mercury in Cancer we are beholden to the ever-changing tides of our innermost being, jostled by the stars, even when we would prefer not to be. But these tides are not inherently uncontrollable. They are the chitta and vrittis of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and their unruliness inspired the entire practice of yoga and meditation, straight up.

Mercury in Cancer exudes earnestness. The crab is keen to connect, and in so doing, she bolsters her cloudy frontal cortex and chronically deflated self-esteem. Cancer is a self-deprecating fritter-critter – this is something else to keep in mind. Pay attention to what comes out of your mouth, tender stargazers! Don’t betray your brilliance and beauty! We all know people who sound like this. Though we love them like CRAZY, they never seem to realize how delightful they are. Such habits are so old and familiar that we often can’t detect them, but outsiders can.

Animals associated with Mercury include the rooster, ram, goat and tortoise. The tortoise, like Mercury, is also considered a guide between worlds. Or, as in the case of the Iroquois, the one who graciously transforms to become the earth. It is said that Mercury invented the lyre from a tortoise shell. I always associate Cancer with turtles/tortoises as well, so we’ll just call this cycle turtle time. Mercury is not known for longevity or moving slowly, as is Cancer. Though tortoise bodies are slow, their wisdom ascends and expands as they age. I think this is the perfect metaphor for Mercury in Cancer: an ancient tortoise housed in ancient insight. At once slow and fast; rock solid yet lighter than light.

Mercury will join the Sun and Mars in Cancer. On the first day of this cycle, the moon will be in Gemini, giving a natural boost to Mercury, ruler of Gemini. And on the last full day of Mercury in Cancer, Venus moves into Gemini, facilitating ease of communication and high levels of mental activity for dear Mercury.

Open your heart with Cancer Yoga. Seek counsel from mother figures or other important women in your life. If you were born with Mercury in Cancer, these next few weeks are your Mercury Return. To ascertain your personal Mercury sign, click here.

Mantra:  I mean what I say


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