Mercury in Cancer ☿ June 12-28

June 12–28, 2018

In the central plaza of ancient Rome stood gilt statues of gods and goddesses. Mercury and his father Jupiter were both depicted. Mercury is the cosmic patron of economics, travel, communication, perception and the human mind. He is also an orator, poet, soothsayer, healer, lucky star and underworld guide. With magical caduceus in hand, Mercury led freshly discorporated souls from the lower to the upper worlds.

Think of Mercury as a support beam for the sun and Venus. When Mercury joins the sun and/or Venus in the same constellation, the mind (Mercury) aligns with outward manifestation (sun) and the heart (Venus). Taking this into account, the last week of this transit (June 21-28) will be the most synergistic as the sun will also be in Cancer at this time. Venus’ last day in Cancer is Mercury’s first – she joins Mercury only for the first day of this transit (June 12).

Mercury is said to have made the first lyre from a tortoise shell. The tortoise, like Mercury, guides souls between worlds. In many cultures, turtles are cosmic symbols of rebirth. According to the Iroquois, it was the turtle who graciously transformed to become the earth. Though tortoises are physically slow moving, their wisdom ascends and expands as they age. This is the perfect visual for Mercury in Cancer: an ancient tortoise housed in ancient insight; at once slow and fast, rock solid yet lighter than light.

When Mercury the Messenger fishes for crabs, the heart opens to the mind. It is time to wander softly to the past, to home, to family. Cancer is sweet and low like summertime rain. Ever earnest, protective and prudent, yet speculating and fanciful. Cancer tumbles in giggling waterwheels of soul springs. She is the constellation of heartfelt anecdotes, rambling tangents, motherly love and youthful, wide-eyed impressions. The crab is sensitive, yes, but not weak.

Cancer’s loving friends and family help to bolster her chronically deflated confidence. They listen to her betray her own brilliance and beauty with constant self-deprecation. We all know people like this. They never know how delightful they really are.

Cancer cares deeply, feels deeply and will fight only out of insecurity. What we have to work on during this transit is reactivity. Steer clear of fearful or clinging thoughts. In The Four Agreements, Miguel Ruiz writes that “nothing in life is personal.” This is particularly difficult for the crab. She is beholden to the ever-changing tides of her innermost being, jostled by the moon. But these tides are not inherently uncontrollable. They are the chitta and vrittis of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and their unruliness inspired the entire practice of yoga and meditation!

The first full day of Mercury in Cancer is a new moon (June 13). We will be well-acquainted with the Gemini season by then. A difficult day comes on June 15 when Mercury opposes Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn. Watch for conflict in the professional realm. On June 19, Mercury forms a friendly angle to Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio. This is an excellent day for important conversations. The following day looks mixed – important conversations should be avoided. Lastly, June 23 looks difficult as Mercury will oppose Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn. The last full day of Mercury in Cancer is a full moon (June 27).

Stay hydrated and spend time in/near a body of water if possible. Find the happy people. Calm your mind with swimming and Cancer Yoga. Seek counsel from mother figures in your life. Give special attention to your stomach and digestion. In meditation, focus on the heart chakra. Wear pastels and cool colors. If you were born with Mercury in Cancer, these couple weeks are your Mercury Return. To find your personal Mercury sign, click here.

Mantra:  my heart speaks


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