Mercury in Aries ☿ Mar 13 – 31

Mar 13 – 31, 2017

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Mercury erupts in Aries and laughter blooms all around. What a joyful transit, like the ease of childhood, rich with amity; playful, hopeful, forgiving and free. This energy you feel in your spirit, it is your real home, your true nature.

Indeed it is Mercury, ruler of the mind, who really catalyzes each season. In fact, I dare say that Mercury is more influential even than the Sun on our central consciousness. Mercury channels each constellation into the mental process, and in Aries this manifests as a vise-like grip on Selfhood. Don’t be surprised if you find that you are thinking about yourself more than usual! As soon as Mercury moves into Taurus, the ego relaxes, you’ll see.

Mercury in Aries is all about simultaneously appreciating and challenging the Self. These challenges are hardly poetic, but gritty and undeniably real like a midnight initiation. The Universe rises to her full height with merciless eyes. She will test us in our ability to remain calm.

Why must we stay calm? Mercury in Aries has a sharp tongue and spouts off in moments of anger, so it is wise to think less, speak less and do more. The magic of Aries is unlocked only by acting, being, sweating – and thereby getting in touch with our most authentic Self. Another challenge will be working together. Mercury in Aries is not communally oriented, to say the least. In theory, the ram appreciates harmony, he’s just not very skilled in cultivating or sustaining it.

The ram is pointed, staccato, present beyond presence. With so much inside him, constantly imploding as it were, not everything can or will be communicated properly. At its core, this transit is self-empowering. Mercury in Aries dares to open a dialogue with himself, which, in addition to being respectable, is also inevitable.

We must work tirelessly to overcome egotistical impulses, but not just the impulses which seek to bolster the ego. Combat the unreasonable ego with compassion. Turn lovingly toward the rudest internal voices. Take this wounded inner child, hold him in your arms. Will you allow fleeting moments of rage to sabotage self-love? Are you burning yourself in an effort to make some misguided point?

On March 23 Mercury squares Pluto, a planet who is always suspicious and somewhat negative in character. People are generally forceful during this time. Mightily resist the urge to dig your pincers into whatever is bothering you, or whatever feelings of dislike distort your perception. In this case it is better to remain silent than risk adding to underlying stress and pressure.

One day later on March 24 Mercury opposes Jupiter. Here Jupiter and Mercury (god of rationale) butt heads: delusions of grandeur (Jupiter) cause us to over- or underestimate life. Our “education” is not necessarily helpful in clearing this up. As a result, we may feel even further from our goals. This transit is like walking into a trap under a spell, and it’s not preventable, it’s just part of the story, a story which, like all stories, brings greater meaning to our life, and as the story unfolds, we help it along with our own narrative tales. Beware those who disappoint with narratives that run counter to your own, or your own ideals and wishes.

On March 26, Mercury is conjunct Uranus, god of the unexpected. This signals that we are about to, or already in the process of, getting in touch with the farthest reaches of what we deem intellectually or spiritually alternative – our weird, beautiful selves, the electric wind of eccentricity and non-conformist thought. It’s a time when things seem to come together out of nowhere, like a conspiracy designed with the highest good in mind. We may feel both profoundly excited and overwhelmed, to the point of being distracted, impulsive and impatient. It will be difficult to concentrate at this time and breaking away from commitments may happen. Nothing wrong with that, however, because whatever beckons will be an invigorating force, thoroughly new, unique, and healing in its sudden nature.

Lastly, on March 29 Mercury trines Saturn for a rather boring, sober day. Not at all emotional, spontaneous or “light,” this day is best spent organizing your life and ironing out the kinks. Our heads will be clear, and clearly centered in the left brain.

Burnish the Self anew, crisp as a blood red crocus. Be a warrior with Aries Yoga. If you were born with Mercury in Aries, these next few weeks are your Mercury Return. To ascertain your personal Mercury sign, click here.

Mantra:  self-love


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