Mars in Virgo ♂ Sep 5 – Oct 22

Sep 5 – Oct 22, 2017

Mars is a force of life and action. Mars in Virgo is a voice of reason; life coach; personal trainer; resident expert; and tireless workhorse. Here, the body is our primary site of self-discipline. Specifically, we must move (yoga) and meditate upon first waking. Bow your head and surrender to Virgo’s rhythm! Mars in Virgo demands a routine, a daily practice. Polish the cogs of your inner and outer mechanisms; tune them to the note of smoothest operation. Let’s manifest our intention to be healthy.

The pace of life will crescendo now. It’s time to roll out of bed, take a deep breath and begin. If you’ve been waiting for a motivational force to come along, this is it. Mars in Virgo rises with newfound seriousness. He is a contracting force in our life. In accordance, we should be very conservative with our words, expenditures and bodily movements. This is emotional practicality. Exercise is a CRUCIAL component of this and here’s why:

Virgo rules the lower digestive tract and sympathetic nervous system in the body. With Mars here, the stomach and digestive system will be much more sensitive, so we must be exceptionally prudent about our health and wellbeing. Apart from moving first thing every morning and eating an abundance of nutritionally rich food, we should also keep our thoughts clean. In yoga we know this as saucha, or cleanliness. It is just as important to sweep the mind as it is to sweep the floors beneath us. In fact, saucha is really just a way to clear the mind. In meditation you might imagine dusting off your organs, then slowly applying a shiny love-lacquer to all their surfaces.

As always, refrain from eating too late at night. Keep meals light and sparse. If you’re feeling stuck, make health & wellness a group activity – there’s no need to isolate ourselves or do it all alone.

Week 1 : Sep 5 – 12 : DYNAMIC BEGINNING

Mars in Virgo starts during the solar Virgo cycle. This is not always the case, as Mars moves independently from the Sun as observed from earth, but every so often his two-year revolution links up with the solar cycle. Anyway, this is very fortuitous! Together the Sun and Mars are manifesting forces. When they occupy a constellation together, we can act on what is otherwise left in thought or feeling form. On September 6 we have a full moon in Pisces and the end of Mercury Retrograde. This is a marvelous welcoming party for Mars in Virgo. Mercury moves into Virgo on September 9, further engendering this theme of Virgo cooperation. As Mercury rules the mind, this signals alignment of the mental body with the physical body / central consciousness, represented by the Sun and Mars.

Week 2 : Sep 13 – Sep 20 : VIRGO POWER WEEK

On September 13 we have a quarter moon in Gemini, then Venus moves into Virgo too on September 19. Venus rules the heart, so this transit brings the heart into alignment with the mind (Mercury), body (Mars) and ego (Sun). September 20 is the new moon in Virgo, touching each of the other four planets in Virgo (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars) with her grace, support and gentle power.

Week 3 : Sep 21 – 28 : EARTH RESOLUTION

Libra season begins September 22, marking the vernal equinox and the end of the sun’s support to Mars. A quarter moon in Capricorn comes on September 27, followed by the end of Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn on September 28. As Capricorn is an earth sign like Virgo, both of these celestial events form a naturally harmonious relationship to Mars in his earthen station.

Week 4 : Sep 29 – Oct 6

Mercury moves on to Libra on September 29, leaving just Mars and Venus still in Virgo. October 5 is a full moon in Aries.

Week 5 : Oct 7 – 14 : HEART WEEK

On October 10 Jupiter moves into Scorpio. October 12 is the quarter moon in Cancer. Venus enters Libra on October 14, so Mars will be bumming alone in Virgo at the end of this transit.

Week 6: Oct 15 – 22

The sweet send-off is a new moon in Libra on October 19.

Keep it regular with Virgo Yoga. If you were born with Mars in Virgo, this transit is your Mars return. To find your personal Mars sign, click here.

Mantra:  I love my body


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