Mars in Scorpio ♂ Jan 3 – Mar 5

Jan 3 – Mar 5, 2016

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Mars, ruler of the body. Divine masculine warrior-god of the stars. Since November 12, he has been in Libra, the sign of his detriment, 180 degrees across the zodiac wheel from Aries, the sign he rules. When a planet occupies the ruling sign, everything flows beautifully. In the detriment, it’s like pushing a boulder uphill. In short, things are about to get a lot easier with Mars moving out of Libra. However! Mars moves into Scorpio now, so when I say life is about to get easier, I should really say relatively. With Mars in Scorpio, we have a one-track mind. This is the commingling of prodigious, bloodthirsty Mars and the intense, probing scorpion. We are driven, focused like a laser. Emotional energy will be off the charts. Bow your head and surrender to Scorpio’s ensorcellment for one last time!

Mars in Scorpio takes us down to the very bottom of the soul where our emotional work awaits us. Although usually quite difficult at the outset, these transits leave us feeling reborn by the end. Normally Mars is concerned with more masculine pursuits and doesn’t like to venture beneath the waves of the psyche’s infinite ocean, but every so often he spins below to help fight our inward demons. The last time Mars transited Scorpio was July 25 – Sep 13, 2014. Prepare yourself for a truly powerful transit, my friends. It’s time to address that which has been repressed. Mars in Scorpio stirs up the silt in the darkest, most gaping caverns of Existence.

Mars, holding a fiery bow, now shoots a slick black scorpion arrow down into the murky subconscious netherworld. We are willing and able to face whatever we find down there. Our soul recognizes the great importance of what lies before us and stands tall. Drawn to trouble, wanting to feel everything at once, the scorpion sees challenges as opportunities for transformation. Mars in Scorpio prefers extremity to nothing at all. Let’s acknowledge all of the lessons from Mars in Libra over the last few weeks – yet another brutal spin through the sign of the scale. This last transit focused on interpersonal relationships, but now we’re centered on the Self. To embark on this journey, we must jump into an icy lake. Stand there shivering and dread will consume you, eventually dwarfing the reality of what lies within. Take the martial lead and dive in without hesitation. I suggest a ritual involving water and/or some Scorpio Yoga.

The pace of life will continue to slow now, but this does not translate to stagnation. This is the final push, the last leg of a theme that has been hanging like a heavy cloud since 2012. So it’s ALMOST OVER! :) Clinging to your bed, mumbling that you can’t, that you won’t, that you’ve had enough, but it’s here, one more sprint, one more shock to your core. Let’s get up and put on our armor. Peace to you!

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Mantra:  final plunge

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