Mars in Scorpio ♂ Dec 9 – Jan 26

Original artwork by Ren Tvedten

Dec 9, 2017 – Jan 26, 2018

Mars is a force of life and action: warrior of the stars, fire coursing through his veins. He rules Aries, the first constellation in the zodiac wheel. Now he enters Scorpio, the other constellation he was once said to rule in ancient western astrology, and still rules in Vedic astrology. According to this information, we could say that Mars is returning “home,” back to the fiery waters of Scorpio from whence he came. Prepare for a powerful transit. Although difficult at the outset, we will feel reborn by the end. Bow your head and surrender to scorpion ensorcellment!

Mars in Scorpio is the commingling of prodigious martial fire and the intense, probing scorpion. Scorpio swims in dark internal caverns, scanning all that has been repressed. She takes us down to the depths of the soul, where our most difficult emotional work awaits. Though one might think that Mars never ventures beneath the waves of the psychic ocean, he is quite comfortable spinning below, eliminating root chakra demons with ease.

In respect to emotional work and facing the reality of it all, we will be exceptionally driven to heal. Scorpio is about psychological restructuring. With Mars in Scorpio, emotional and spiritual cleansing is exacted via bodily channels. Mars in Scorpio reminds us that the body is both a reflection of and a means to engage the psyche.

Mars in Scorpio manifests in the root chakra and sexual organs. Protect yourself accordingly to avoid any problems here. Lingering blockages in the body will rise to the surface with Mars in Scorpio. We must take care of improperly healed wounds once and for all and, most importantly, acknowledge their non-physical origins. The physical body is the last stop, so to speak; disturbances in the outer, subtle bodies percolate down to the physical level in a final cry for attention.

In Scorpio, Mars shoots slick black arrows into the murky subconscious netherworld. Recognizing the great importance of this journey, the soul stands tall. Jump into the icy lake, or stand shivering until dread consumes you, eventually dwarfing the reality of your work. Take the martial lead, dive in without hesitation.

Let’s look at muladhara, the root chakra. Let’s look at sexuality, bodily attitudes and how/with whom intimacy is shared. Think about how bodies are perceived and the way in which sex is imbued in the act of gazing. Think about feminine/masculine perspectives and the politics of the body. On this subject, a certain viciousness dares to arise as we clamor – in flesh and in mind and spirit – to reclaim the body’s power, to hold our ground or destroy it all.

Magnetized to chaos, feeling everything at once, the scorpion craves challenge, welcoming every challenge as an opportunity to transform. This means that she clings to extremity. With that in mind, remember to wear your peaceful armor, not your spiky murderous armor.

Mars in Scorpio often manifests as grumpiness or unintended introversion. You may feel lackluster if traveling, for example. My best advice is to spend plenty of time alone and/or in silence. Don’t force yourself to be social, as it’s very normal to feel like hiding at this time.

Mars last transited Scorpio from Jan 3 – Aug 2, 2016. During this time I traveled to Asia and experienced the most intense bodily renaissance of my life. Those months led me to yoga school, where I practiced not just yoga and meditation, but also serious cleanses. I then experienced the most debilitating sickness of my life, went to the hospital, then back to my homeland, where I returned skeletal yet ecstatic. Mars in Scorpio showed me bodily extremes. I felt so strong, then so weak. I confronted myself, my fears and the whole story of who I am, all through rigorous toning of my muscles and organs. Do not be surprised if you get sick or injured, as this is the way that Mars in Scorpio leads us into the belly of our psycho-emotional-physiological work. Do not be surprised if you feel desperate, then mighty, then desperate again. Just take excellent care of your body and mind.

May your bodily metamorphosis be rapid and successful! Kiss your fears passionately! Open your root chakra with Scorpio Yoga. If you were born with Mars in Scorpio , this is your Mars return. To find your personal Mars sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am powerful

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