Mars in Sagittarius ♂ Mar 5 – Sep 27

Mar 5 – May 27, and then, due to a retrograde period, Aug 2 – Sep 27, 2016

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Mars, ruler of the body. Divine masculine warrior-god of the stars. Since January 3, he has been in Scorpio, taking care of some intense stuff. Oh sweet relief! Out of the woods, stepping into the light. Surface from the depths of the psychic well, dear friends. Reemerge with all your new wisdom. Martial power is sourced now from ideals. No longer do we dwell in the uncomfortable caverns of Scorpio’s emotional body. Mars in Sagittarius dances around an enormous bonfire: joyous, animated, alive. Mars normally rules Aries, so he is right at home in a fellow fire sign. Prepare for a rush of physical energy.

This transit asks whether or not we’ve gotten too comfortable. Mars in Sagittarius rejects routine and predictability. He is expansive and restless, like a new star blooming in the night sky, like a rocket leaving Earth with an uncertain destination. Mars in Sagittarius thirsts for experiences and adventures. Choose your target and take aim.

Mars in Sagittarius is a rainbow comet blazing through the darkness, gathering speed and understanding along the way: fearless, optimistic, forward-thinking. Spontaneous and open-hearted, the archer surmounts difficulty with ease, moving ever above and beyond. No stress.

With Mars in Scorpio, we had a one-track mind. Now the tracks will multiply, looping and crossing in every direction. Draw upon the flexibility of the mental body and feed your burning desire to learn! Through knowledge we connect to all that is greater than the Self.

The pace of life will spiral into insanity now. With spirits soaring, we are itching to meet new people and have some good old-fashioned fun. Mars in Sagittarius is candid, sincere, forthright and maybe a bit fidgety. His shadow lies in being overly blunt and reckless. Be honest, but not brash; daring, not irresponsible. Learn the art of moving clearly and calmly. It is easy to get carried away during this transit. Ask all the important questions and then be sure to listen. When we’re gleaming with enthusiasm, slowing down can be quite frustrating. However, if we fail to take our time, we miss crucial details.

Enjoy this effervescence! Celebrate Mars with a ritual fire and some Sagittarius Yoga.

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Mantra:  life is a gift


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