Mars in Pisces ♂ Nov 15 – Dec 31

illustration by Duong Quoc Dinh

Nov 15 – Dec 31, 2018

Mars is a primordial, life-giving force: fiery warrior of the stars, ruler of the body and all its carnal urges. Mars governs Aries, the first constellation in the zodiac, so he feels a bit out of his element in water sign Pisces at the end of the zodiac. Usually Mars is an active, competitive agent. This transit is less active, more reflective. With Mars in Pisces, the pace of life slows considerably. Now is the time to rest our minds and bodies.

This summer Mars was retrograde, something that happens once every two years. The effects of this lingered as late as Oct 8. During Mars Retrograde, you may have felt unusually heavy, stuck or lethargic as the ego demanded more, while the tired spirit fell into trenches of self-criticism. However, much of the retrograde was comparably light and unemotional, if not erratic. We had the opportunity to approach emotionally-charged issues with a calm, cool mind. Imbalances in the body demanded to be known. Anything that had not been properly healed unearthed itself so that we were forced to finally address it, and perhaps more importantly, acknowledge its non-physical origins. This next transit in Pisces takes us definitively out of the retrograde period and into a new chapter, the final chapter: the dissolution of many into One, sweet silence and surrender. It is time to let die what must die.

Pisces has no direction. You may feel waterlogged, like a warrior trapped in the belly of a whale, writhing in a long, strange dream, but let your fantasies run wild, your hope, your deeply held beliefs. In the process, Pisces will ask us to confront our addictions, denials and spiritual blocks. Practices like yoga which connect mind, body and spirit will prove especially helpful. Our bodies will need more sleep. You may begin to have exceptionally vivid dreams. Pay close attention to them and keep a dream journal.

Mars in Pisces revitalizes our intuition and emotional/spiritual foundation. Pisces is transcendental and transformational. Interaction with others will be softer and more sensitive. Be mindful that those who are porous in spirit will exhibit higher emotional fluctuation. Pisces lets all kinds of energies come in. Spend ample time alone. Every level of the mind and body should receive extra fortification. It is also important to stay organized and complete tasks on time to the best of your ability. Pisces will try to throw us off with sudden mood swings, boredom, apathy or fatigue.

With Mars in Pisces, life feels vague and nebulous, like a dream. Our efforts may be significantly thwarted by deceit, delusion or any manner of strange, subterranean forces. It will be more difficult to separate imagination from reality. Here the head is cloudy, inner voices muffled. Regressive, addictive behaviors may resurface, or we may act recklessly or impulsively as the spirit searches for release, release of a mighty, incurable restlessness in the anima. You may have an explosive confrontation with someone who has been taking advantage of you, for example, but passive aggressive tactics are more likely. Negative outcomes include settling for something we don’t want; internalizing strong feelings like disappointment; broken dreams; or incorrect assumptions.

I like this from Susan Sontag’s As Consciousness is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals and Notebooks, 1964-1980: “Regenerative experiences: Plunge into the sea. The sun. An old city. Silence.”

Give special attention to your feet, lymphatic and immune system, all of which will be more vulnerable at this time. Avoid alcohol. Any psychedelic journeys should be undertaken with care. Spending time in or near water is highly recommended. Consider indulgences like epsom salt baths, essential oils, aromatherapy, foot rubs and yogic inversions. If you are feeling restless, go for a walk or swim. Remaining immobile will weaken us to vices and unsavory thought patterns. Drink lots of water, eat lightly and prepare for changes in your sleep schedule. Mars in Pisces often turns us nocturnal.

Really nice timing this year with the Gregorian calendar: Mars comes home to Aries on Dec 31, New Year’s Eve! But that’s at the end. At the very beginning of Mars in Pisces on Nov 16, Mercury Retrograde begins. So the first three weeks of Mars in Pisces are all Mercury Retrograde. Nov 19 will be especially dysfunctional, as will Nov 26 and Dec 2. These are the best days to relax with Pisces Yoga. On Dec 6, we have the last day of Mercury Retrograde, plus a new moon conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius. This, as well as the following day (Dec 7), will be some of the best days of the transit. If you were born with Mars in Pisces, this is your Mars return. To find your personal Mars sign, click here.

Mantra:  I dream


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