Mars in Pisces ♂ Dec 19 – Jan 28

Dec 19 –  Jan 28, 2017

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Mars, ruler of the body. Divine masculine warrior-god of the stars. Martian transits shape our drive, ambition and sexual urges. Normally Mars rules Aries, the first sign in the zodiac. Pisces is the last sign – the dissolution of many into One, sweet silence wreathing surrender to the Divine. Mars in Pisces is a warrior trapped in the belly of the fishes: struggling, confused, writhing in a long, strange dream. This transit is quite un-Martian as it is less active, more reflective.

It is common to feel waterlogged with Mars in Pisces. Energy runs low and inertia hangs like elephantine icicles. Usually Mars concerns himself with areas of life such as will power, recreation, competition. Pisces, on the other hand, is utterly feminine and indirect. She lives gleefully in the spaceless space.

Mars in Pisces is emotional, intuitive and definitely restless. Power is sourced here from fantasies and aspirations. We are more immersed now in hope, wishes and deeply held beliefs. Mars in Pisces will ask us to confront addictions, spiritual blocks and living in denial. Journaling and practices like yoga which connect mind, body and spirit will prove more than helpful. You may begin to have exceptionally vivid dreams.

We’re visualizing transcendental, transformational contact. Interaction with others is softer and more sensitive here. Be mindful that those who are porous in spirit will exhibit higher emotional fluctuation. If you experience this, remember that this is a gift which can be channeled into exquisite psychic perception. New openings are opportunities for all kinds of energies to come in, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Spend ample time alone meditating and taking care of yourself. All levels of the body should receive extra fortification.

Our bodies will need more sleep. Also give special attention to your feet and lymphatic system. The immune system is more vulnerable at this time and we will be highly susceptible to illness. It is a very good idea to avoid all drugs and alcohol, even caffeine. Any psychedelic journeys should be undertaken with utmost care – make sure the environs and company are absolutely perfect. Spending time in/near water is highly recommended. Fold to indulgences such as epsom salt baths, essential oils, aromatherapy, sound healing, meditation courses, Watsu water massage, foot rubs and yogic inversions. If you are feeling restless, immediately go for a walk or swim. Remaining immobile will weaken us to vices and unsavory thought patterns.

Even if a pool or tub is not available, we can relieve emotional/spiritual stress with a hot shower or hand-washing. Drink lots of water, eat lightly and prepare for changes in your sleep schedule. Mars in Pisces often turns us nocturnal.

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Mantra:  I rest


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