Mars in Libra ♂ Oct 22 – Dec 9

Oct 22 – Dec 9, 2017

Mars is a force of life and action. He is ruler of Aries, the very first constellation in the zodiac wheel. And now he enters Libra, the constellation opposite Aries. When a planet enters the constellation opposite the one it rules, it is said to be in its “detriment.” There is no need to feel defeated before it begins, but allow me to say that this upcoming cycle will be more difficult than any other Mars transit we have experienced in the last two years.

In his normal habitat, Mars is the fiery god of war. He is an athlete and a gamer. He is reckless, impulsive, daring and headstrong. Libra is the goddess of peace, love and harmony. With Mars in Libra, we are forced to SLOW DOWN. Libra is an agent of communication and social niceties. She is neither active nor passive – she sorts, she talks, she decides. This is a good place for Mars to be, and all of us. It’s time to get schooled in living consciously. It’s time to take off our shoes and sit down quietly. Fiery tongues and tempers must be checked at the door.

We all do it – we rush, we make plans on the fly, we act and speak without thinking. We burn through space and time like no one’s watching, doing this, doing that, consuming, moving forward. This comes to an abrupt halt when Mars steps into Libra. Imagine Mars hurrying into Libra’s pristine temple, flustered and sweating. He begins by acquiescing Libra in his own way, talking rapidly, trying to “get through it” as fast as possible. Now watch Libra gently take her fingers to his lips and, smiling sweetly, ask him to listen. In particular, she says, you must be careful with whom you walk.

For it is not just what we do. Are you in a relationship? Did you recently move to a new place or get a new job? Do you live in a community? And how’s that going?

What’s about to happen is not pleasant. Libra is going to slow Mars down enough so that we can all reflect on how we communicate. Mars is a manifesting force. We cannot leave this cycle without acting on whatever revisions Libra makes to our life or social circle. We cannot walk away only having listened – no, we must fully incorporate this sage wisdom.

I describe this transit as difficult and unpleasant because the first human impulse is to look away. We do not like to acknowledge our “failures.” We do not like to admit that friends, lovers and co-workers are a direct reflection of ourselves. We do not like the responsibility of having to change what we do or with whom we spend time. We keep things as they are. We stay in unhealthy environments and relationships because we have tricked ourselves into believing that it will end on a good note; it won’t get any worse; it’s not that bad; I can handle it.

I’m not saying you can’t handle it, and I’m not saying it’s bad. I only encourage you to be silent when Libra speaks. And she will encourage you to leave toxic people and places behind. This is a beautiful window of opportunity. Mars will not visit Libra again for another two years. Can you – for just two months – be still and listen? Can you hear her voice now in the wind chimes, in the leaves, in the birds? Can you, too, be like the wind and move and speak with ease? Can you stand tall in the face of change?

Stay balanced with Libra Yoga. If you were born with Mars in Libra, this is your Mars return. To find your personal Mars sign, click here.

Mantra:  peace


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