Mars in Leo ♂ July 20 – Sep 5

July 20 – Sep 5, 2017

Mars in Leo symbolizes strength and sovereignty. Many astrologers simply paint Leo as unyielding. This may be true, but the lion is also magnetic, creative, fearless and his enthusiasm contagious.

There’s more to Leo than buzzwords like ego. Leo is a ripe violet grape; a festival; a crown of rainbow jewels; Aslan; a scarab beetle; fur; adornments; a circus; a barrel of wine; a golden ring; summer noon; a dancing queen; bling; an all-night rager; a regal family; a noble leader; a generous grandfather.

It is easy to write the lion off as a dramatic wanna-be in this world brimming with self-centered behavior. But the more we nurture Leo’s heart, the less he feels the need to engage in unhealthy, indulgent behaviors.

One such behavior is Leo’s tendency to vehemently proselytize a “moral code” which he may or may not actually follow. Leo is a bit of a slacker. If it doesn’t benefit him directly, he probably won’t be interested. Yes, the lion is a lazy beast, unhurried and chronically late.

Although being cool and unemotional may sound appealing to Leo in theory, he really enjoys feeling everything. The lion makes a powerful first impression. Leo has lots of friends and enjoys being social, perhaps to a fault. He is fiercely devoted to his circle, even if he doesn’t routinely express this devotion.

Leo is self-assured and decisive. With Mars in Leo, we will have plenty of physical and sexual energy, to the point that our sleep may be disrupted. In excess, Mars in Leo may also cause us to splurge or binge. We need to be very conservative with our words and expenditures. We might easily spend all of our money on luxury items, especially yummy food and clothes and new gadgets. Leo likes to go big or go home. It’s all about quality for him. He will not flinch spending hundreds of dollars on something if it seems like a good investment, or if it will bring him great pleasure. Even individuals born with Mars in Leo who seem to live simply and humbly may be secretly addicted to shopping. The best, of course, is when someone else can pay for all their luxuries!

It is probably worth mentioning that 45 was born with Mars in Leo. Here is a blatant example of someone channeling the darkest, most violent possible manifestation of Mars in Leo. I want to emphasize that not all people with planets in Leo are evil or disgusting ego maniacs. Astrology is not an end-all-be-all determination of our character. We have a choice, as does every living thing, as to how we channel our star soup. Astrology does not tell you what you will do or who you will be, only which doors and pathways will be open. Whether you walk through the door or down the path, that is your free will. With Leo, as with any constellation, two paths exist. I do not need to detail the dark path, as it is on clear display for the entire world every day. The path of Leo-light is what I have been trying to enumerate throughout this post. This is the hope I cling to, as we all should. This is my hope not only for Leo’s highest manifestation, but for all of humanity. If Leo cannot break through to his core of light, then none of us can. If mankind cannot shed its skin to reunite with womankind, we will not move forward. That’s what it all comes down to, as everything does.

I also want to reiterate what I believe is the most important yet least talked about aspect of Mars as he was known in ancient Rome: he fought only if it secured peace. So fight if you must, but as a rebel with a cause, as a warrior of peace and light. Fight if your heart is roused to battle. And then snuggle up to your beautiful selves, stargazers, and wrap your arms around your fighting heart.

Open your heart with Leo Yoga. If you were born with Mars in Leo, this transit is your Mars return. To find your personal Mars sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am powerful


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