Mars in Gemini ♂ Apr 21 – June 4

Apr 21 – June 4, 2017

Get ready, Mars is about to spin like a madman through Gemini! Enjoy this transit. It’s totally refreshing and energizing. It’s light and bright.

Mars transits shape our ambition, drive and sexual urges. When Mars the Warrior meets Gemini the Wordsmith, the tongue is the weapon of greatest destruction. Active, physical, masculine Mars finds his outlet here in endless conversation, wild gesticulation (Gemini rules the hands) and a deep need for mental/social stimulation. You may be particularly drawn to puzzles, board games, journaling, reading or anything involving communication. The pace of everyday life will pick up considerably. Release pent-up emotions through the hands by way of writing, playing music or making art.

With Mars whirling in Gemini, the ego and intellect are one. We take immense pride here in original thoughts and ideas. The twins are easily bored and operate best when multitasking. We may be nervous, nitpicky or prone to over-thinking if we don’t have enough to do, so keep moving and stay busy. Counterintuitive though it may be, juggling ten undertakings rather than two will keep us focused and whole. Although we will balance many ideas/relationships/duties at once, don’t be surprised if you suddenly lose interest in all of them! That’s the Gemini way: obsessed one moment, aloof the next.

If we let ourselves languish, an energetic tempest will manifest rapidly inside the mind and body, inevitably spewing out in a cyclone of cutting sarcasm and petty arguments. Mars in Gemini asks us to speak our truth. Draw upon the twins’ wit and versatility to direct your voice effectually. Wear a turquoise scarf/bandana or visualize a blue light at the throat. You can also visualize fluffy seeds borne on the wind! That will get you inspired and in the Gemini mood.

A few aspects…Mars squares Neptune on May 11. At this juncture, we tend to feel inadequate. Even if we do know what we want, we feel undeserving and deny ourselves happiness. Rejection and criticism are the scariest things imaginable at this time. Turn off the simulator and focus on what’s good and real. Avoid the sinkhole of restlessness and fantasy. New, more far-fetched fantasies will keep cropping up unless we cut the cord. Those who give up their power to others may appear perfectly tranquil on the outside, but inside they are melting. The martyr role makes us twisted and ugly over the long-term. Poker face notwithstanding, others around you will sense the burning turmoil inside you, whether you want to admit it or not. Be unabashedly direct and assertive, even though it is difficult. Focus on self-control and trusting yourself. Be kind and productive. Take responsibility for the entirety of your being.

One day later on May 12 Mars trines Jupiter, another restless aspect, but more confident, pioneering and inspiring. This one makes us overly optimistic. What we need from others is beyond the mundane – we need to share on a soul level, to grow with someone, to understand one another intimately and spiritually, to transcend. Just keep lines of communication open concerning what actions you would like to take together. Greater sensitivity may lead us to feel hurt if not everything feels perfectly joyful. Physical play is a good way to stay energized and in tune with your partner.

Stay light with Gemini Yoga. To ascertain your personal Mars sign, click here.

Mantra:  made of light


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