Mars in Capricorn ♂ Sep 27 – Nov 9

Sep 27 – Nov 9, 2016

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Mars, ruler of the body, warrior-god of the stars. For nearly nine months he has been sludging back and forth between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

With Mars in Capricorn there is a strong compulsion to feel productive at all times. Actions are regarded very seriously. We are less inclined now to go adventuring, staying instead within prescribed boundaries. But first we must get off the couch. You may feel stuck, lethargic. A certain rigidity creeps in and steals flexibility from the soul-joints. Our greatest challenge may just be overcoming this inertia.

We are sensible, resourceful and objective with Mars in Capricorn. This is the Universe asking us to buckle down. It is often tempting to fall into workaholic / stress mode.

I visualize the sea goat as a punctilious office; a functional government; a family farm; a stern grandfather; a prodigious workforce. Watch for unusually rancorous power struggles, particularly in the work place or with prominent male figures in your life. Or perhaps struggle is not the right word, not yet – now is when the groundwork is laid, when the seeds of potential are dropped slowly, almost undetectably into the cold soil.

If this gelid foundation is not the right one, we may not realize until Mars has already moved into Aquarius. This is no problem – Aquarius is more than capable of helping us break free. I do, however, advise caution. Pay very close attention to what goes on around you at work. Think back to November 2014, when Mars last transited Capricorn, to find clues about what this cycle holds. I was in my first full month of work at a new preschool, beginning to notice cracks and fissures in what was ostensibly a happy place for children. It’s a long, sad story, but it didn’t have to be, not if I had listened more closely for the sea goat’s wizened voice creaking from the tree hollow.

This transit facilitates healthy, open interaction with masculine energy. We may gravitate towards masculine partners, tap in to athletic energy or go romp in the mountains. You may also interact more with family members and have discussions about ancestors, shared finances or anything else held in common amongst you.

Everything planted now will culminate between the end of January and beginning of March 2017, although you are encouraged to make change at any time if need be. Mars in Capricorn is an observer, stoic and unruffled, but he looks at systems and order, not within the heart. He will not make change unless caught in an environment so inefficient that he deems it unworthy, doomed to fail. However the very factors which lead to failure may escape the sea goat’s radar if they are insidious, scorpionic, lurking in lies. Or perhaps he is just lazy, leaving the chore of action-taking to his more feisty brothers, Aquarius and Aries.

Capricorn is an earth element, heavy and resistant. Seeds tucked in may be crushed and carved away in just a few months, we’ll see. For now remember that despite this earthen interval, seeds are best saved for the spring. New endeavors abound, but are they representative of the highest trajectory?

Make a fire outside, watch your breath hang in the air. Chopping wood is an excellent way to channel Mars in Capricorn. The sea goat says: I use. No negative connotations here – usefulness comes through the body in work, climbing and sweating, puffing in the dusky chill. I recommend eating light meals, going to sleep early and exercising upon waking.

We should not fight Capricorn’s glacial pace more than necessary, for there is a reason it exists. Don’t fret about overhauling your circumstances just yet. In your free time, curl up with a good book and a blanket, sink deep into your bones. We’ll meet again in a few weeks to discuss Aquarius and what it means to break free!

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Mantra:  self-discipline


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