Mars in Cancer ♂ June 4 – July 20

June 4 – July 20, 2017

Mars was often depicted nude in ancient Rome, representing his fearlessness. Imagine now Mars in Cancer, a warrior of utmost femininity, stark naked in the battlefield of love. In Cancer, the warrior lays down his sword. Mars in Cancer means bodily-emotional release and feeling at “home,” within or without. Revel in your vivid inner world. Above all else, follow your intuition. Inhale the crab’s extraordinary empathy to guide your decision-making.

We will move through the world as though with child: cautious, radiant, acutely sensitive to changes in the body or surrounding environment. Sweet and nurturing when we’re up, moody and lethargic when we’re not. Cancer naturally operates on a slower wavelength. Food and sleep are incredibly important – our mood will be dictated entirely by whether or not we feel rested and sated. So if you find that you are sleeping more than usual, this is normal. Beware marathon lounge-mode and extreme aversion to physical labor.

When Mars the Warrior fishes with the crab, irrational reactionary behavior is the weapon of greatest destruction. If you feel crabby or overwhelmed, relax. Give yourself loving-kindness. Visualize bathing in a tranquil ocean. In meditation, focus on the heart chakra. Relieve pent-up emotions with heart-opening yoga poses and/or by spending time in water.

In ancient Rome, the woodpecker, the wolf, and the bear were all associated with Mars. There are several ancient Celtic deities similar to Mars as well as a Germanic deity named Thincsus. These figures were associated with the goose. After doing some cursory research on the symbolism of the goose, one predominant theme is not just battle, but motivation for battle. The goose does not go out of its way to protect something unless that thing (or person) is worth protecting. This dovetails perfectly with an important aspect of Mars: he fought only if it secured peace.

Anyone who has interacted with geese knows how aggressive they can be, especially around their babies. In a flash, they transform from peaceful gliding feather-ships to honking hot messes. Cancer is a feisty mother too, and she can summon massive stores of energy at a moment’s notice. If she feels that her security is threatened, she snaps into a hellbender.

The goose is also a symbol of navigation and great journeys. As is Cancer, the guiding waters of the zodiac. Both the goose and the crab – and Mars for that matter – are directive totems. They are counselors and mediators; a compass, a lighthouse, a map.

Geese fly together as one loving unit, taking turns at the head of the migrating flock when the leader gets tired. If a goose drops out of the flock and descends to the earth, another goose (the mate) follows and stays with the fallen goose until it dies or recovers. What extraordinary tenderness, and oh! how humanity aches for goose magic. Caring for Self and flock: that is the essence of Mars in Cancer.

On the day that Mars enters Cancer, the moon will be in Libra. Cancer and Libra are like female cousins in the zodiac because they both share a quality known as cardinal. When planets occupy cousin constellations, their energies amplify and work off of one another synergistically, engendering the highest possible expression of a given quality. In other words, the moon will work in tandem with Mars for the first few days of this transit. Specifically, this high vibration of cardinal energy manifests as yummy heartfelt social interactions. Enjoy :)

Nurse your heart with Cancer Yoga. I was born with Mars in Cancer, so this transit will be a return for me. To ascertain your personal Mars sign, click here.

Mantra:  heart power


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