Mars in Aries ♂ Jan 28 – Mar 9

Jan 28 –  Mar 9, 2017

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Mars, ruler of Aries, climbs his very own mountaintop once again. Welcome home! Blessed be the primordial fires of the young, lusty ram! Mars in Aries will refresh and invigorate you with some serious physical and sexual energy. The first day of this transit also coincides with the beginning of the 2017 Chinese New Year, which is the year of the Fire Rooster.

Frustration and impatience will flash up more quickly than usual. The battlefield ignites! Those who struggle to keep cool need to try even harder now. Machismo and one-upmanship will be on full display. Beware folks who are naturally trigger-happy as they will be more aggressive, reckless or even violent.

I want to stop here and talk about Mars as he was known in ancient Rome. Mars was both God of War and a deity of agriculture. When it came to war, Mars fought only if it secured peace. I find this very important to discuss because we need to begin conceiving of the Divine Masculine as multi-faceted, not strictly bloodthirsty and savage. Ancient Roman calendars began with the month of March, the first day of which was considered Mars’ birthday. On this day, a festival called Matronalia was celebrated by women in honor of Mars’ mother, Juno (Jupiter was his father). As God of Agriculture, Mars was associated with not only seedlings and the magic of springtime, but also Mother Earth’s loving guidance. In other words, his essence is really one of duality, yin and yang, Shakti and Shiva.

Mars the Warrior channels masculine virility – this is the aggressive archetype I have described above. Mars the Agronomist channels feminine fertility – this energy is purely creative and nurturing, not destructive.

Lastly, Mars and Venus were passionate lovers. In his dissertation titled On Love, 15th century Italian philosopher Marsilio Ficino made a striking discovery upon studying the gamut of ancient artwork depicting the lovers: “only Venus dominates Mars, and he never dominates her.”

On February 22, Mars squares (forms a perfect right angle to) Pluto in Capricorn. I think this transit will be explosive and confrontational. These two planets are hyper masculine and occupying hyper masculine constellations, not to mention that Pluto is all about control. Conflict and (sexual) desire will be equally intense. Please be careful, passionate responses to this transit will surely be aroused.

On February 26, Mars is conjunct (at the same degree as) Uranus. This transit is a lot less intimidating and more exciting – think beatific revelations and a song of freedom. Mars is opposite (180 degrees from) Jupiter Retrograde in Libra on February 27. Here we need to tread lightly and slowly lest we get too competitive, careless or idealistic. And the last major aspect will be a trine (120 degree triangular formation) to Saturn in Sagittarius on the afternoon of March 5. Of all the major aspects Mars forms during his stint in Aries (all involving outer planets), this one is by far the most calm, concerning where we are in life and how we’re doing. Here we look at our progress and accomplishments with a healthy sense of purpose and responsibility.

Do you fully comprehend what the ram is capable of? Suspension of inertia, molten stamina, sublime titillation from head to foot. Prepare for a healthy new connection to your body and sexuality. This includes a return to/establishment of regular exercise. It is absolutely crucial that we move and sweat every day! Get your blood moving with Aries Yoga. To ascertain your personal Mars sign, click here.

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