Mars in Aquarius ♂ Nov 9 – Dec 19

Nov 9 –  Dec 19

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Mars, ruler of the body. Divine masculine warrior-god of the stars. Mars in Aquarius is so light and free. This transit welcomes all who seek refuge from this ghastly year of bodily debauchery.

Bodily debauchery, what does she mean?? I mean that I’m starting to more fully understand the ramifications of Mars sludging back and forth between Scorpio and Sagittarius during the earlier retrograde period this year. This equated to serious bodily recalibration. Diet, sleep, exercise, health and wellness, meditation, yoga, weight fluctuation – all of these and more were thrown out of kilter. It seems to have mostly originated in the root and sacral chakras. And now with Mars in Capricorn, we have to digest all of these changes and get back on track. We have to pick up the pieces, reinstate a workout routine, get healthy again, the whole shebang. Only problem is that winter is coming and we need that fat to keep warm -___-

Anyway! Since I know Aquarius is a pretty cool, fun-lovin guy, I’m optimistic about how this will translate in the body. Do watch for injuries near the feet, ankles or calves or in the circulatory system.

What else? Mars in Aquarius expands and rearranges social circles. We will draw energy from the collective. Ironically, our path will be one of total independence. Trust me, you will feel oddly satisfied when you inevitably shock others with your outlandish behavior. One outlandish component is this conundrum so unique to Aquarius, that he is at once a social butterfly and a diehard individualist. He is maddeningly forthright about his need to do whatever he wants, but I see opportunities to be mischievous here.

Aquarius is cool and unemotional. We can effectually use this energy when we approach emotionally-charged issues. In remaining detached, unconcerned with what or how things happen, we are present, free from the limitations of anger and sadness.

Mars moves into Aquarius just two days after the First Quarter Moon in Aquarius. This will be a nice transition: Luna sets us up to receive the full bounty of the water bearer. But we’ll see if Mars in Aquarius really packs enough supergalactic glitterbomb to combat Scorpio’s icy grip. In other words, he might not be influential enough to lift our spirits. However, with Venus in Sagittarius, we stand a chance for lighter times. Yes, I think emboldening is the proper word :)

Mars in Aquarius is erratic, doing a little of this then a little of that. Generally speaking, Aquarius is one of the least well-organized critters in the zodiac. His mind and tongue are way ahead of his body. You will need to make a truly concerted effort to stay focused. Mars in Aquarius can also be lazy, but it’s certainly not for lack of energy. He’s lazy because he doesn’t want to do anything but dance :p Enjoy the zesty good times! Celebrate Mars with Aquarius Yoga.

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