Lunar Eclipse in Pisces 🐟 Sep 16, 2016

Friday, Sep 16 at 3.07 pm EST

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This particular full moon is called the Harvest Moon, Corn Moon or Barley Moon. The Virgo cycle is one of symbolic harvest, so all of these names are perfect. The moon will rise at sunset in the east, peak at midnight and set at sunrise in the west.

The Sun and Moon in total opposition between Virgo and Pisces: finite vs. infinite.

Let’s look at the ruling planets of Virgo and Pisces, Mercury and Neptune respectively. Mercury can’t slow down; he’s got way too many ideas and words and tasks. Neptune, on the other hand, spends her entire existence in bottomless REM cycles. I have compassion for Neptunian Pisces; she is ultimately a fish out of water in terms of human incarnation. The Pisces soul yearns to return to her otherworldly homeland where the concepts of time and space are unknown. Mercurial Virgo, however, is inextricably tied to terrestrial life. So here we are, one foot definitively on Earth and the other quickly turning translucent, pulled by an unseen force to the outer cosmos.

What is the connection between the mundane and the extraordinary? We work here to build golden temples there – a place void of gold, bricks and temples. In yoga, day-to-day observances such as cleaning and maintenance are crucial. The rote work entailed in any such practice teaches us that proper arrangements must be made here in earthbound life. Simple yet fundamental acts prepare us to see our bodies and the spaces which they inhabit as one and the same. Virgo demands pragmatism and organization, but these are mere means to an end. We surrender to particular methods only so that we may understand their connection to those planes and dimensions in which there is no separation between body and spirit.

I see a swimmer suspended in holy water, detached from physical limitations: flowing, folding, flowering, fading, reemerging again and again. Pisces is the trance state. She wants to “leave this world” or perhaps transform collective reality as we know it so that it may more closely resemble her Neptunian bliss. Virgo, however, may not realize that her work pulls her to the same place, so divine that it cannot be named. The thought of starting here to get there is painful. In our feet the fishes swim in a ring of perpetuity, urging us directly to the ocean’s rocky depths.

Pisces reminds us that we are mechanical and insensitive when we fail to regularly tap in. My favorite art teacher once told me that we cannot create and analyze at the same time – these are two separate, conflicting processes. Virgo may become annoyed with Pisces, labeling her wishy-washy or touchy-feely. Too much Virgo makes us tight and rigid. However, Virgo reminds the fish that it is dangerous to ignore.

I feel it all as we begin our journey in Virgo’s realm – days filled with service to the Divine – yoga, meditation, proper diet, and dreams dreams dreams of what comes after. Confrontation of any kind is especially painful for the fish – she lives so far away that when she must be drawn back to what is, she would honestly rather die again.

Keep your dreams, my friends, and take it easy on this full moon. Pisces is the sign of the addict – she likes to drink and be social, even when her inner voices are pleading otherwise! The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces: maudlin humans bemoaning Life in moonlit streets.

This full moon will be INTENSE and POWERFUL and PASSIONATE just like all of the other eclipses have been. Conflict seems to lie outside of the Self, and yet is really only a reflection of the inner. We enter into toxic environments and relationships because we have a toxic relationship with the Self, truth be told. If you’re not in the right place or doing what you’re supposed to be doing, prepare for an abrupt change in direction, starseeds.

Celebrate the eclipse with Pisces Yoga. To ascertain your personal Moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I dream


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