Lunar Eclipse in Leo 🔥 Feb 10, 2017

Friday, Feb 10 at 7.33 pm EST

Learn about the Moon. Learn about Leo.

This particular Full Moon is known as the Full Snow Moon. The moon will rise at sunset in the east, peak at midnight and set at sunrise in the west.

The Sun and Moon in total opposition between Aquarius and Leo, or we vs. me.

Two equally important sources of pride are up for inspection: Self and Universe. The Lunar Eclipse in Leo straddles individual consciousness and becoming as yarn in the great cosmic loom. Threaded and pressed, our color fades blissfully into the rainbow.

The lion says: enjoy who you are. Aquarius’ screaming inculcation burns in a tongue of starlight, and the lion stretches with self-satisfaction. Leo lives in laughter and in the raw body. The Lunar Eclipse in Leo is a celebration: a colossal, orgiastic expression of Self-love. This is for all the colorful beings out there.

But the thing about Leo – and most people know – is his trouble venturing beyond the confines of Selfhood. At his worst, Leo is proud, forceful and blinded by ego. An overdose of Leo makes life too hot – think melodrama, unchecked passion and reactivity. But Leo has self-serving tendencies because this is precisely how he creates and maintains reality, from the inside out, radiating from the center of the heart, trials and triumphs abounding!

Despite my forgiving nature, I have not forgotten that Leo is born from pure fire and his actions are not yet to be trusted. In other words, get ready for an explosive day, stargazers.

The moon enters Virgo Feb 11, one day after the eclipse. This is a much-needed two-day grounding session. Virgo is our resident worker bee: cheerful, organized and chronically overbooked. On Feb 13, the moon glides into Libra – an inspiring placement for Valentine’s Day, though as I’ve discussed in a recent post, I’m pessimistic that this holiday will be all roses, bad news for people who enjoy manufactured love. Jupiter Retrograde spins back for a conjunction with the Moon on Feb 15. Anytime the Moon makes a conjunction to another planet, her own priorities are amplified. In the lunar case, this means focusing on a sense of security. And any conjunction with Jupiter is usually a good one as Jupiter is the bearer of gifts, luck and jollity. So Luna and Jupiter are a pretty pleasant duo. This conjunction marks one of the friendliest days of each month. However, this conjunction is riddled with delusions of grandeur.

Luna swims into Scorpio on Feb 16. Scorpionic days are unquestionably solitary. Be silent, make art and look deep within yourself. Lastly the moon swings into Sagittarius on February 18 for a prompt quarter moon. The madness will have died down somewhat by this point, but not entirely, I can promise you that!

This eclipse will be visible all over the world, so cool! Virtually everywhere except Japan, Korea, the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. Luna will be at maximum eclipse around 7:45pm EST. The earth has two parts to its shadow. The shadow cast directly behind the earth is known as the umbra, and the fainter, fan-like shadow surrounding the umbra is the penumbra. Since this is a penumbral eclipse, the moon may look just as she always does, no dramatic shift whatsoever. A penumbral eclipse is considered a partial eclipse for this reason. It is only when the moon aligns exactly with the umbra that an eclipse is considered full.

Celebrate the eclipse with Leo Yoga. To ascertain your personal Moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  will power


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