Lunar Eclipse in Aries ♈ Oct 8, 2014

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries comes exact on October 8, 2014 at 6:51 AM EST.

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This is not just a Full Moon but also a Lunar Eclipse, making it even more potent. This particular phase is known as the Full Hunter’s Moon and also as a “Blood Moon” as it will appear dark red at the time of the eclipse. The Moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise.

Click on the image for a full eclipse report courtesy of NASA.

We now approach total opposition between the Sun in cardinal air Libra and the Moon in cardinal fire Aries: Self vs Other. Aries rules our relationship to the Self and Libra our relationships to others. The AriesLibra polarity is between me and youI and we. Indeed, this particular dichotomy is known in astrology as the relationship axis. The cardinal nature of this polarity lies in the fact that our relationships form a foundation upon which everything else rests.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and as such the ram is pioneering and fearless. I like to visualize the ram at dawn, standing proudly at the top of a mountain, ready to welcome a new day, a new realm, a new cosmological cycle. Aries is associated with physical and sexual energy, masculinity and outward action. The ram teaches us the meaning of the following, written over the temple Delphi in ancient Greece: “Know thyself and thou shalt know the Universe and the gods.”

The AriesLibra polarity presents us with the opportunity to achieve balance between our independence and dependence upon others. Unlike Libra, ardent keeper of the peace between all people, Aries energy is self-assertive, drawing us back again and again to the ego. The Moon in Aries encourages us to be bold, to take action. Aries would rather be brutally honest than tactful. However, we may learn now that our dreams and goals are made possible only when we are gracious to others. A karmic lesson may come now when, for example, we attempt to start a big project and succeed thanks to the support of a partner.

Although the Full Moon always makes us feel more emotional and reflective than usual, Aries energy partially overrides this effect. We are confident and courageous, ready to move and do. The ram helps us to get in touch with our inner leader. Our attention is directed towards all that is external. Like a new star in the sky or a butterfly opening its wings, we bloom, stretch, reach — dancing joyously as though we have just discovered the magic of our bodies.

This Full Moon encourages us to examine how well we are meeting the needs of both the Self and others. The ram wants us to charge full speed ahead with our brilliant personal agenda; the scale asks us to remain balanced, egalitarian and diplomatic. As with any polarity in astrology, our utmost duty is to be aware of how well we are doing on each end of the spectrum. For example, Libra desires, first and foremost, that we simply recognize the supreme power of compromise, the beauty of sharing and the art of respectful negotiation.

The energy of this transit is fiery and impulsive. When taken to the extreme, we may be reckless or quick to anger. Aries favors the following activities: exploration, intense physical exercise, dancing, journaling, self-care, meditation and yoga poses that awaken the kundalini. Expect this Full Moon to be quite powerful. If balanced, we will feel enlightened, empowered and alive. How appropriate that the Moon will be blood red in honor of the zealous ram!

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This Lunar Eclipse is actually just one in a series of eclipses falling in the AriesLibra opposition that began in October 2013 and will continue through March 2016. You might see this as the Universe’s way of pushing us to address issues related to this axis. Each eclipse is like a check-up on our progress. On October 23, we have a Solar Eclipse too!

I would like to emphasize, once again, that this Full Moon will probably be very intense. Lunar Eclipses tend to be dramatic, forceful and passionate. This phase also marks the midpoint of the astrological year, beginning in late March with the New Moon in Aries. In many ways, we are rapidly approaching a major evaluation of the Self and all that surrounds the Self.

From CafeAstrology:

Note that whatever happens at this time is nothing truly new. The issues have been brewing inside of us and emotions have been building.

If you are curious about how this transit affects you personally, please contact me for more insight. To ascertain your personal Moon sign, click here.


Virabadhrasana, warrior poses, are an excellent choice for this Full Moon. When our feet are spread wide on the mat in Warrior 1 and 2, Crescent Warrior or even trikonasana, triangle pose, it is important to charge up the legs. We can do this by lifting the toes and rooting deeply into the corners of the feet. Press through the center of the back foot and then energetically draw the feet together, as though you are trying to bunch up your mat. Ground down through the inner corners of the feet and then expand out in every direction so that it feels like your legs are growing longer! What makes you feel like a warrior?

Mantra:  strength within


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