Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius ♒ July 27, 2018

Photo by Jimmy Westlake

Friday, July 27 at 1.22 pm PST

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse marks Lunar Lammas, halfway between the summer solstice and fall equinox. Lammastide is celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere on the first harvest of the year. In the Great Lakes region, this full moon is called the Sturgeon Moon as it coincides with abundant fish catches. The moon will rise at sunset, peak at midnight and set at sunrise.

Sun and moon careen through Leo and Aquarius at this lunar eclipse. Leo-Aquarius junctures are like the corpus callosum, uniting right and left brain. A dose of Aquarian rationale suffuses Leo’s impulsive heart. Aquarius weaves the yarn of consciousness upon a great cosmic loom. Threaded and pressed, individual colors fade blissfully into the rainbow.

The Leo sun represents ego and self-expression. The full moon in Aquarius is a rebel and nonconformist, emanating from the analytical frontal cortex, the moon’s ultimate ally/perpetual opponent. Both Leo and Aquarius can be flagrantly egotistical. This fixed opposition often summons proud, forceful reactions. At its highest expression, the passion aroused by this lunar eclipse becomes a vehicle of empowerment, a liberation.

Under the influence of this starscape, we may fill with poisonous judgment as we struggle to understand others. Leo and Aquarius always need to be right. These archetypes insist, incise, incinerate. Leo believes firmly in himself, his generosity, his intentions, his narrative. The water bearer lurches from the pulpit, demanding justice for the abused and innocent, convinced he will revolutionize the world. Aquarius is notoriously merciless when his freedom feels threatened, hallmark altruism rapidly replaced by piercing shades of anger disguised as logic/objectivity/intellect. Indeed, the insalubrious Aquarian is indistinguishable from his leonine brother.

Inculcation rages in tongues of starlight licking city pavements, constipated royals stretch with self-satisfaction in glass boxes, and some of us wander in human bodies with minds on other planets, other times. It is time to contemplate boundaries between me and we. Consider boundaries from a perspective of health, not division or exclusion. Aquarius is synonymous with movement and freedom. He is the emancipator, the martyr, the uprising. Aquarius eradicates psychological captors, evaporating binds, bonds and tethers with a wink of his magic turquoise eyes.

In my excitement I completely neglected to notice that this eclipse will be conjunct Mars Retrograde in Aquarius – this is going to be such an intense full moon. Mars is the warrior planet of actions and vitality. Cozied up next to the moon, but directly opposing the sun, this full moon lunar eclipse promises not to be boring. Please exercise caution and prepare for anger/ego flare ups.

Eclipses can be full or partial depending on where they land. The earth’s shadow consists of two parts. The shadow cast directly behind the earth is called the umbra, and the fainter, fan-like shadow surrounding the umbra is the penumbra. This is a total umbral eclipse, meaning that the moon will pass directly through the center of the earth’s shadow for first time since June 2011! And this will be the longest total eclipse of the century!! The moon will turn red as she passes into the shadow (which is why total eclipses are called “blood moons”).

Bummer news: we won’t be able to see the eclipse here in North America. However, all you lovely folks in Europe, Africa, Asia and down under will have a magnificent view. To learn more about when and where to see the eclipse, check out this information from EarthSky. This website is an amazing resource. We should all have working knowledge about our beloved sun, moon and earth.

Even though we won’t see the eclipse here, we will certainly feel it. Part of my spirit will be sitting next to you in the desert on the other side of our glittering globe. Celebrate with ample moon gazing and Aquarius Yoga! To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am humble


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