Last Quarter Moon in Virgo ☾ Dec 9, 2017

Saturday, Dec 9 at 11.53pm PST

At the last quarter, the moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn and sets at noon.

The Sun in Sagittarius squares the moon. This phase lands in earthen Virgo. Both Virgo and Sagittarius belong to a modality called “mutable.” To be mutable is to be adaptable, changeable, flexible. People with mutable energy move rapidly, internally and/or externally. Mega mutability in the skies is cosmic stimulation.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the messenger and intellect of the solar system, and Sagittarius by Jupiter, the giant benefic. This moon phase is a marriage between the locomotive powers of Mercury and the warm, friendly powers of Jupiter. Sagittarius is the revealer, ascending in a twinkling helix. Center your vision on the tip of his arrow and see its trajectory fixed to a lucky star. At every juncture on the centaur’s path, we come closer to our own idea of joy. And as every moon phase during the Sagittarius cycle inevitably falls in a mutable constellation, these phases move us toward the light of joy in a very tangible way.

Movement often means travel. Indeed this is an excellent time to travel towards your source of light. Be careful, however, because Virgo’s ruler Mercury will be retrograde at this time. We all need to be extra cautious if traveling. Prepare for car malfunctions, delays, cancellations, lost/missing/forgotten items, miscommunication, social awkwardness or any genre of unintended sequences of events.

Having said this, remember that your travels are taking you somewhere sparkling and free. Don’t fixate on the hiccups that Mercury Retrograde throws your way. Sagittarius looks beyond the details into the future. He is a creature of great optimism, with a carefree heart and open mind. He teaches us to be more accommodating, cooperative, pliant. Sagittarius shows us that the story can end well if we believe that it will. Just like his ruler Jupiter, Sagittarius creates more light than he receives. He is a seeker, a gamer, a hunter. Wherever he goes, expansion follows. New realities burst like flowers from his freshly fallen footsteps. When he casts an arrow, he knows that it has found its target, and he gallops with delight to find that it has truly landed in the exact spot he wished.

Where does Virgo enter? Sagittarius needs Virgo. We all need her. Without Virgo, mutability is erratic, ungrounded. Without Virgo, no work is accomplished. We need Virgo to guide our movement. Her counsel is ancient, sourced from her roots. Virgo is the force behind the machine. She is the wheels, the gears. She takes our bodies where they need to be. And when we arrive, it is she who opens our mouths with words of thanks. It is she who keeps the centaur on track, moving in the right direction. Virgo is reliable, dependable, hardworking. She asks only that we take our time to travel, and that we treat all of our belongings and valuables with care.

Virgo rules the nervous system and digestive process. She is associated with the vata dosha of Ayurvedic medicine. Search for “anti vata diet” if you experience a sensitive stomach during the Virgo moon. I recommend eating less in one sitting but more frequently throughout the day. I also recommend waking up early to feel this energy inside you. Feel the electricity in your blood!

For yoga and movement, try twisting postures and/or inversions. Go to bed early and do not eat too late. Stay away from heavy/oily/fried/greasy foods. In meditation, focus on the solar plexus chakra, manipura. Power colors for Virgo are green, blue, silver and white. Twist your body with Virgo Yoga. To find your moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am light


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