Last Quarter Moon in Virgo ☾ Dec 20, 2016

Tuesday, Dec 20 at 11.56pm EST

Click here to learn about the Moon. Click here to learn about Virgo.

Hours before the Winter Solstice, the waning Sun in Sagittarius squares the moon in Virgo. The moon will rise at midnight in the south, peak at dawn and set at noon in the north. If you view the moon at midnight, the Sun will be positioned directly beneath your feet. Staring at the moon during this time will align you so that you are looking right out (approximately) along the forward path of Earth’s orbit around the Sun ^__^

I don’t think you will need coffee. Mega mutability in the skies is cosmic stimulation, curiosity piqued, body electrified. When the moon moves into Virgo, I am awake most of the night, writhing in a butterfly storm. Virgo rules the nervous system and digestive process. Sensitive creatures we moonfolk are! Virgo is characterized by the vata dosha of Ayurvedic medicine. You can search for “anti vata diet” if you, like me, have a nervous stomach at the Virgo moon. Eat less but more frequently.

Wake up early, feel this energy inside you. There’s enough in your blood to power an entire city. This is how Virgo says HELLO, get up, we have much to accomplish.

Focus, be diligent, pay attention to your work. This is the site of conflict now.

Virgo is the late afternoon pouring of seeds in a withering garden. She rolls her fingers over every one, speaking plainly, guiding our next move. For eons she has shuffled sensually through our harvest. And then Sagittarius peers around the gate.

Wrench your eyes away from the centaur bobbling playfully. Come into Virgo’s arms. Observe her maturity. She is a teacher of method. See the way she seamlessly interweaves hands, gut feelings and earthen power. Her counsel is ancient, sourced directly from the roots of Gaia, frosted by truth.

Sagittarius the Revealer ascends in a twinkling helix. Only when he is calm can we learn his Way. Do not mistake enthusiasm for affirmation. Center your vision on the tip of the arrow and see its trajectory billions of ripples in the distance, fixed to a star moving, now poised, now reeling and dipping.

Celebrate Luna with Virgo Yoga. To ascertain your personal Moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  labor of love


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