Last Quarter Moon in Taurus ☾ Aug 14, 2017

Monday, Aug 14 at 6.16pm PST

Heart-deep in the Leo cycle, we come now to the quarter moon in Taurus. Bed down with the bull and the lion in their familiar, fire-lit cave. Quarter moons prompt change and it’s all about ~new directions~ You will begin to feel the effects of the quarter moon one day before.

The moon will rise at midnight, peak at dawn and set at noon. If you view the moon at midnight, the Sun will be positioned directly beneath your feet. Staring at the moon during this time will align you so that you are looking right out (approximately) along the forward path of Earth’s orbit around the Sun ^__^

Together Taurus and Leo prepare a bountiful feast. Taurus is the cosmic strong-woman of the zodiac, and Leo her radiant prince, bounding after leisure. During the Leo cycle we are playful and childlike, slipping into sarcasm and judgment, a little aggression and heat in the body.

The crux of this quarter moon revolves around leisure and indulgence (Leo) versus conservation and pragmatism (Taurus). If you ask Leo, Taurus is stale and boring. For Leo, any splurge left un-splurged is a waste of life. Taurus perceives this as pure over-indulgence, which it is. Leo’s influence causes us to spend buckets of money, especially on things that we don’t need. Leo and Taurus both savor the finer things in life, but it’s Leo who enthusiastically acts on impulse. Taurus is more inclined to save, to meter her pleasure into bite-size portions. It is important to ask ourselves if our actions and desires are excessively extravagant.

At this moon last year I was deep in the forest of northwestern Montana with my partner, and we had no agenda. As a Taurus, it is not in my nature to simply free flow. Of course I do it all the time, but there are still cruel internal voices and barriers which scold me for not being “productive.” So although I have just cautioned against being too leisurely, we must also acknowledge that the entire purpose of the Leo cycle is to embrace our inner child, and this means playing unabashedly and stepping away from the stern expectations of adulthood.

The happy medium comes when we indulge reasonably and without guilt. There is no reason to feel guilty enjoying a few weeks vacation or a meal at your favorite restaurant.

As Taurus is an earth sign, it is a good idea to eat root vegetables, sit next to your plants, sing or chant, clean and beautify your living space and invite your friends over for dinner. Taurus rules the throat chakra region in the physical body. At this time we may be prone to sore throats or insect bites along the neck. The throat chakra may become blocked if we do not openly communicate how we are feeling and what we need, so express yourself freely and without fear. You may consider wearing a light blue scarf or bandana around your neck, and if it’s really hot, dip it in cold water throughout the day.

I do not recommend traveling long distances. It is better to stay in one place, whether at home or camping, and create a feeling of (semi) permanence. This is the highest manifestation of both Taurus and Leo: to be fixed snugly in one place, to build on a solid foundation of security and love, and to live from the heart, rooted and joyful and full of life.

Climb a tree, walk barefoot and play in the dirt. Be sure to eat lightly. Taurus and Leo both gravitate towards rich, heavy foods, but these will only create heat, inflammation and lethargy in the body. I highly recommend making art, especially with natural materials. Decorate your space with yummy aromas and color and comfort.

At this quarter moon, we learn to recognize true quality. If others react with shades of anger when you insist on securing your own needs, this is a sign that you are doing exactly as you should. Make your commitments as resolute as possible.

This is a time of celebration! Whether you make it or let it happen, something’s coming: the dismantling of a poisonous trudgery, lingering dank and heavy for as long as we can remember. Let’s leave it behind and walk with wonder through this new archway. You’ll know when all is right because it’s easy and joyful – and when it’s not, don’t be afraid! Change is your friend! Keep it real with Taurus Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

August 15 – 16: Moon in Gemini

These days are best spent writing, learning and communicating. Call your siblings or best friend. Practice meditation and breathing exercises. Take a walk and get some fresh air.

August 17 – 18: Moon in Cancer

Treat yourself to a swim. Spend time in/near a body of water. Seek counsel from the important women in your life. Take care of yourself, eat well and relax. On water days such as these, eat dark leafy greens.

August 19: The moon moves into Leo, marking the end of the quarter moon station and the beginning of the SUPER NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE IN LEO!!

Mantra:  I have everything I need

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