Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius ☾ Feb 18, 2017

Saturday, Feb 18 at 2.35pm EST

Learn about the Moon. Learn about Sagittarius.

The moon will rise at midnight in the south, peak at dawn and set at noon in the north. If you view the moon at midnight, the Sun will be positioned directly beneath your feet. Staring at the moon during this time will align you so that you are looking right out (approximately) along the forward path of Earth’s orbit around the Sun ^__^

Hours after the Sun enters Pisces, solar beams square the moon in Sagittarius. Square aspects prompt change, like sharp corners, or edges of a building…you have to decide on the spot where you’ll go next and it’s all about ~new directions~

So this moon phase represents active change in direction (Sagittarius) overlaying deep spiritual introspection (Pisces). Pisces is the queen of delusion and Sagittarius is our resident truth-teller. When these two wrestle in the skies, illusion cracks. We must acknowledge discrepancies between what we had hoped and how it is.

Last quarter moons help us clear out for new beginnings. Ideals become applied wisdom in waking life. Restlessness inspires forward motion.

At this juncture last year, I was indeed restless and frustrated, then I was suddenly liberated, alone at an ashram in India. This was divine preparation for an even grander solo journey, but I could not see the beauty of the orchestration until after. I had to laugh when I remembered what I had written to all of you: invite the unexpected. Yet I resisted exactly this!

Sagittarius is Pisces’ fiery predecessor – fearless, adventurous, optimistic. The centaur flips the fishes out of the water and up to the starlight: dance and be free, discover the joy of transformation! The fishes live within the soul, but Sagittarius moves the body courageously through raw space.

Sagittarius is a jolly guy, but we should not forget that he is born from fire. Any square involving fire can bring about explosive anger or, on the bright side, swift transmogrification and ritualistic rebirth. In any case, I can promise that what initially appears to be an obstacle is really a blessing – Sagittarius does not disappoint!

On February 20 the Moon lands on a conjunction with Saturn. These two planets are different as can be, ruling opposite constellations in the zodiac (Cancer and Capricorn respectively), but on the one day each month that they share the same degree, they get along nicely. It’s a clearheaded day to work, plan, organize and network with authority figures/older folks. This is when we feel buoyed by responsibility, not overwhelmed. If you don’t currently have a solid foundation in life (aka fully operational root chakra), this transit can make you feel that instability even more acutely. Alas, here’s an opportunity to nurture self-reliance!

In the wee hours of February 21, Luna moves into Capricorn. One day later she’s got a conjunction with Pluto. Since this is happening in Capricorn, the architect and planner of the zodiac, and Pluto is an agent of shift, it always suggests movement in our profession or whatever forms the framework of daily life. A truly powerful day, ripe for mega change. On February 23 the Moon moves into Aquarius and then makes a conjunction to Mercury on February 25. A wonderful day when the emotional body (Moon) clicks with communication and the ever-processing mind (Mercury). That will happen exactly when Luna and Mercury both move into Pisces, so it should be especially healing and full of love and understanding.

I wish you enough strength to shoot the archer’s bow and enough sensitivity to care for the fishes swimming in your heart, forever chasing tails. Like a sonic boom arriving long after the rocket has left, golden glitter snowing silently, ascend to worlds that do not yet exist! Surface from the depths and expand. You know who you are and what you believe, so rise from seated lotus and begin.

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Mantra:  invite the unexpected


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