Last Quarter Moon in Libra ☾ Jan 8, 2018

Monday, Jan 8 at 2.26pm PST

At the last quarter, the moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn and sets at noon.

The quarter moon in Libra is rational yet compassionate, vigilant yet fair-minded, squaring the Sun in Capricorn, our stubborn goat. Capricorn is a lover conditioned by work and Libra his Shakti, smiling because she knows intimately every interpersonal trial and tribulation there is.

Capricorn teaches us about work – and with this quarter moon dancing in Libra, that something concerns the people with whom we work. That something is about communication and living well together. It’s about community and what it means to be in one, how to create one. Libra takes a hard look at our communal successes and failures, and yet she comes wreathed in earthen prosperity and abundance. Here lies proof of our efforts, this joy glinting from the cracks of our weathered hands.

The scale is not only a symbol of balance, but also decision-making and listening. Before “weighing in,” Libra gathers as much information as possible. Her final decision reflects this careful deliberation. How long it takes to reach that decision is another story. Imbalanced Libra can be so afraid of offending others that she just agrees with everyone. Do not be insecure, do not cling to appearances and social niceties. Be honest and generous. Harmony finds us one way or another. If peace be in your heart, peace be in your community.

Libra is a born diplomat. Without Libra, how would we relate to one another tactfully? Without Libra, interpersonal karmic seeds would never hatch. We need Libra to guide our circle. She is wiser than all of us combined. Libra is the force behind the tongue. She is the apology, the hug. She transforms us into excellent communicators and community makers. And when we fall, it is she who opens our hearts to accountability, acknowledgment, acceptance. It is she who keeps the goat connected to his people.

The end of a redemption song begun long ago gathers us to wholeness. Yang infuses yin with rehabilitative tonics, introducing a novel archetype that is not aggressive or traumatizing, but gentle and understanding. Ancient borders disintegrate, forgiveness floods the land. Inhale atonement and reconciliation. Lay down your sword. Peace is coming.

Oh, how we make the same mistakes! But see the golden thread – you needed to be THERE to be HERE so BE HERE NOW.

Let’s look out for one another. Let’s broach the most important social issues plaguing our planet. We can be assertive and graceful. Speak with dignity! Flow as one with the great stream! Your heart seeds are begging to bloom. Let go, brothers and sisters.

There’s a lot of shit which is not working for me or anyone anymore. A lot of hate and manipulation. In truth we can and should meet in a very different place, an androgynous one where the spectrum is orgiastic, not polarized and bloody. I have seen how it can be, and if your reality is crumbling, move on now. We’re still in the process of creating the ideal environment, but there are rare lightbeings wandering these hillsides who will shelter you. They are the mossy folk with virescent eyes. Follow them, stand beneath the starry tree. Snow falls silently all around.

For yoga and movement, try balancing postures. In meditation focus on the sacral chakra. Drink plenty of water to honor your kidneys, ruled by Libra. Honor Venus, ruler of Libra, by beautifying your home space. Reach out to the ones you love, tell them how much you appreciate their friendship. Stand up straight with Libra Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I work, I love

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