Last Quarter Moon in Libra ☾ Jan 2, 2016

Saturday, Jan 2 at 12:30am EST

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The Sun in Capricorn squares the moon in Libra. The moon will rise at midnight, peak at dawn and set at noon. If you view the moon at midnight, the Sun will be positioned directly beneath your feet. Staring at the moon during this time will align you so that you are looking right out (approximately) along the forward path of Earth’s orbit around the Sun ^__^ The 3rd Quarter Moon in Libra last fell on January 13, 2015. Any themes/conflicts that predominated then will now resurface.

For those who are strongly affected by lunar energy, quarter moon phases can be extremely emotional. Square aspects are sharp, angular junctions that prompt change. As CafeAstrology notes, these phases feel like a “crisis of consciousness.” Be compassionate with yourself.

This particular moon phase primarily affects our interpersonal relationships. All of the Libra transits this autumn were pretty brutal in this respect. So here she is again, reminding us right at the New Year just how important it is to be honest with the Self and others. Libra is a sneaky goddess! Just when you think she’s left you to your own devices, SLAM, suddenly you’re neck-deep in something truly challenging. A big secret to winning Libra’s game is listening to our intuition. When relationships blow up, it’s never really out of the blue, is it? :)

Another important piece to the puzzle is taking our time. I’ve come to realize just how much Libra hates when we rush and how she makes us pay dearly for it. Insight is not always forthcoming – you are required to meditate! Seize this opportunity to sort it all out calmly or you’ll be thrown back in feeling that much more blocked.

The scale is not only a symbol of balance but also of decision-making and listening. Before “weighing in,” Libra gathers as much information as possible so that the final decision reflects careful deliberation. This inclination can make it more difficult to reach said decision when the time comes. Or Libra may purport to not have an opinion and thus communicate ineffectively with passive-aggressive tactics, when in reality she has known the entire time exactly how she feels…!

Everything churning in your psyche is just waiting to burst forth in an explosion of catharsis and truth. Holding a lid on this is like running from the wind: futile and exhausting. If you resist these inevitable changes, I expect that this transit will be difficult for you. However, this phase may manifest as over-compromise, bordering on unnecessary sacrifice. Libra can be so afraid of offending others that she will readily agree with everyone. When imbalanced, we might be too submissive or insecure, clinging to pleasantness and apparent stability in order to avoid opposition.

This phase may represent a conflict between personal desire and desire to see all people in harmony. The challenge may, on the other hand, have more to do with overcoming inertia and goading the Self into giving back, sincerely and unquestioningly, to the greater community. Another possibility: Capricorn rules conditional love, fully adorned with caveats, whereas Libra falls somewhere between this and unconditional love (ruled by Cancer, Capricorn’s opposite sign on the zodiac wheel). Balanced Libra is rational yet compassionate, vigilant yet fair-minded, now squaring Capricorn the father figure, who can be stubborn, authoritarian and self-absorbed when imbalanced. At this time the pull towards peace speaks to the heart while focusing on personal needs will feel more like a duty.

It is possible to accommodate others while still respecting our own needs. Libra asks us in particular to confront relationship issues that have been suppressed or ignored. Be assertive and graceful! Choose your words carefully. Are you aiding or detracting from the stream of communication? We must now put ourselves in many different pairs of shoes. If you’re feeling imbalanced, treat this for what it is: a phase, nothing more. Oh, and deep breaths :) I suggest ample time spent alone and/or some Libra Yoga.

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Mantra:  peace

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