Last Quarter Moon in Leo ☾ Oct 22, 2016

Saturday, Oct 22 at 3.16pm EST

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The Sun in Scorpio squares the moon in Leo. The moon will rise at midnight in the south, peak at dawn and set at noon in the north. If you view the moon at midnight, the Sun will be positioned directly beneath your feet. Staring at the moon during this time will align you so that you are looking right out (approximately) along the forward path of Earth’s orbit around the Sun ^__^

Leo is the self-centered prince of the zodiac, and Scorpio the brooding introvert with dwindling faith. Scorpio recognizes that at any moment, shadows within may arise and wreak havoc. Her art is that of letting go. Together Leo and Scorpio render irreversible change. The scorpion is frustrated by Leo’s insistence on me, but she herself is a fearful, emotionally volatile creature from the Underworld. We are inclined at this juncture to fight, to sting the Self.

At the First Quarter in Scorpio in August (reversal stage with Sun in Leo and moon in Scorpio) a gigantic thunderstorm rolled in from every corner of the mountain valley where we were gypsy-ing. Lightning and earth-shattering thunder shook the car as we spoke in whispers about death, conspiracies and all things bizarre. We were hidden, wrapped in blankets and black clouds punctuated by flashes, silent shrieks. A powerful emotion gripped the root of my being, something macabre, insane, petrifying. A few days later when the moon poked through to Sagittarius, the tears were washed by sunshine and my lungs drew in once again the fiery air of summer.

We will now revisit themes from this previous time, although it is not a repetition but a continuation, a leveling up. Lessons come from the smoldering fusion of ego (Leo) and unfounded fear of losing power (Scorpio). We worry about things that don’t matter and which probably don’t even concern us. In the past, taking on emotional baggage that doesn’t belong to you, breaking yourself over nothing – wherever you are, locate yourself and examine with minute detail the origin of your thoughts.

We can change our relationship to the lion and scorpion so it more resembles: self-confidence (Leo) and renewal through healing (Scorpio). We get stuck when we are wounded, and we are wounded when we fail to understand reality, our true nature as Divine beings. I do not intend to downplay what are, in actuality, very real problems and tensions. What you feel is not an illusion. Beating yourself up, telling yourself that you are being ridiculous, this will not dissolve the tension. Do not dismiss your worries as insignificant or fabricated, but do have a conversation with them, find out where they come from.

This quarter moon might bring more tears and pangs, but it is also part of a massive atonement project we are all undertaking. Last autumn and winter were especially rough; now we confront the pain with a distance afforded by time.

Leo can be infuriating in his lack of self-awareness and razor edges – we just need to concentrate on his molten solar core. Paradoxically we often dig deeper into the ego as a reaction to its arrival; we unconsciously support its selfish efforts when we really want to escape it altogether. I recommend getting everything out in writing, talking, any kind of emotional release. Don’t hold it in!

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Mantra:  be calm


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