Last Quarter Moon in Leo ☾ Nov 10, 2017

Friday, Nov 10 at 12.38pm PST

The moon will rise at midnight, peak at dawn and set at noon. If you see the moon at midnight, the Sun will be positioned directly beneath your feet. Staring at the moon during this time will align you so that you are looking right out (approximately) along the forward path of Earth’s orbit around the sun ^__^

On the Scorpio path: a fiery encounter with the lion. Solar beams from Scorpio square the moon in Leo. Scorpio and Leo have little in common besides their fixed nature. Leo is the prince of the zodiac, and Scorpio the brooding introvert with dwindling faith in humanity. In this episode, we must walk out of the shadow and into the light. Scorpio is of the Underworld and knows that evil can materialize at any moment. Her fear is powerlessness, and her art that of letting go.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the center of our solar system, and Scorpio by Pluto, the planet farthest from center. These two planets cast their fates into the vast cosmic distance between, meeting and intertwining in some remote asteroid belt. Within you there is an equally vast distance which must be overcome. The center of centers reaches out to the extremes. We collate, we reconcile.

At this moon phase last year I stood on the sidelines of a birthday party. Though most everyone else was dancing and drinking, I simmered with resentment and bitterness. The presence of unsavory individuals overrode any feelings of jubilation I might have had. After a brief appearance, I walked silently in the black night back to my partner’s car. I lay there alone, tears streaming down my cheeks, wondering why I couldn’t just get over it, let go, be happy like everyone else.

What we feel is not an illusion, and berating ourselves, telling ourselves that our feelings are insignificant or fabricated, this does not dissolve them. Do not dismiss your anger, but invite it in, hold it, love it until it bursts into tiny, beautiful shards. Embrace uncertainty; trust in the unseen. It is neither our privilege nor our burden to know what comes.

Perhaps it is improper for me to advise walking into the light. Some dance in the shadow, some dance in the light. I like to dance in the shadow, and this is where I come from, where I was born. Some are born from the sun, and not even a tangle of scorpions could drag them into the shadow. On that night when I stood watching everyone party, not even a family of lions could have hauled me into the light. And so it is when we work with fixed energies. We are one or the other, not both. Fixed skies fix us in place, glue us to our nature, cement us to our most basic impulses. They do not accommodate change or new beginnings. They speak instead to what is sustained, calcified, solidified. They are forces of endurance, perseverance and dogged obstinance. Whatever happens at this quarter moon is set in stone, immovable.

I see snarling ego and frustration. I see internal conflict, clashes of character and disjunction. I see fiery hearts and feelings, insistence and adamance. I see a wick refusing to be lit. The moon is bright, chunky, ferocious, shining from the very same constellation which the sun calls home. Normally it is the sun who flares from the lion’s cave. To have the moon here is a revolutionary inversion. For 60 hours every month the moon gets to see what it’s like to be the sun. A sensitive female archetype steps fully into the realm of burning ego and rage, and through these trials and fires the moon is emboldened. My best advice is to be true to yourself, as always. You will know if your place is at home or at the party. No amount of convincing can change this.

For yoga and movement, I recommend heart opening postures or confidence-inducing stances, such as those which have been scientifically proven to increase testosterone in the body. Any creative/performance act will prove especially cathartic. For diet I recommend eating seasonal fruits, especially red ones, and staying away from nightshades, spicy peppers or greasy/oily/fried foods as the body will hold more internal fire than usual. If you want some inspiration, look up “pitta pacifying diet.” In meditation, focus on the heart chakra. Power colors for Leo are warm colors like red, orange, yellow or purple to invoke the regal archetype of the lion. Be bold with Leo Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I love myself


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