Last Quarter Moon in Leo #2 🐱 Nov 21, 2016

Monday, Nov 21 at 3.34am EST

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The Sun in Scorpio squares the moon in Leo once again. Welcome to Part Ⅱ, happening mere hours before the Sun moves into Sagittarius – we had a Quarter Moon in Leo last month as well :)

The moon will rise at midnight in the south, peak at dawn and set at noon in the north. If you view the moon at midnight, the Sun will be positioned directly beneath your feet. Staring at the moon during this time will align you so that you are looking right out (approximately) along the forward path of Earth’s orbit around the Sun ^__^

This conflict is the party vs. the drama. Although the people dance, darkness lurks just beneath the glimmer. Some can play along, but others whisper in the fringe. They fringe because they know too much, or feel too much.

At last month’s station, I found myself on the fringe. After an Irish goodbye, I cried for no particular reason. And this is how it is – emotion swelling, pervading, stealing joyful urges.

Leo is the self-centered prince of the zodiac, and Scorpio the brooding introvert with dwindling faith. Leo can be infuriating in his lack of self-awareness and razor edges. Paradoxically we often sink deeper into ego as a reaction to its arrival; we unconsciously support its selfish efforts when we really want to escape it altogether.

The scorpion is an Underworld creature. More than anything, she must learn how to let go. Yes, let go, while still addressing what are, in actuality, very real problems and tensions. What you feel is not purely illusion. We are wounded because we fail to really see.

The Leo-Scorpio square drains the self-confidence of even the most naturally calm, secure humans. I recommend staying in and, if possible, engaging in some emotional or creative release. This is a time of revisitation by that which has caused us pain in the past. We all have our own ideas of what strength means and looks like. Whatever that is for you, invoke it now. Be the strongest person you can possibly be. Keep your energetic walls up and hold your head high. Rest and be quiet. Dance alone, beneath the moon, and howl too. Don’t hold anything in!

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Mantra:  be calm


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