Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn ☾ Apr 8, 2018

Sunday, Apr 8 at 12.21am PST

At the last quarter, the moon rises at midnight, peaks at dawn and sets at noon.

The earthen moon in Capricorn squares the Sun in Aries. Third quarter moons are crossroads. Their purpose is to clear us out in preparation for the new moon / new lunar cycle. Squares prompt change.

Earth and fire, smoky jingle glow, rich black earthworm heaven. Lumps of lava sprout from humid fumes. Gold nuggets crystallize instantly, turn to honeyed quartz, then sink back, gurgling softly. The ram, red eyes cooled, descends the desert mountain to meet the shaggy sea-goat. At the base of the ocean cliffs they sit silently in the tide pool, horns locked.

The purpose of this quarter moon is internal/external restructuring. Capricorn, like our skeleton, is resistant to change. Aries teaches Capricorn that sometimes the best structure is a brand new one. He encourages us to break away from existing structures and strike out on our own.

Quarters moons can make us feel unusually tired, and this is especially true with moon phases in Capricorn. Earth is, by nature, heavy and drowsy. In Capricorn the moon is strained as the moon is in her “detriment” in Capricorn, opposite the sign she rules, which would be Cancer. A planet is weakest in detriment. Watch for unusually low energy. Your inclination to stay home and meditate is perfectly natural.

This kind of moon phase is powerful enough to melt away the entire winter. It’s like being pushed off, afloat the unknown, all on your own, just you and the fire on your breath, and it is fucking marvelous. Whatever structural reconfigurations take place will be inherently supportive.

The most prominent aspect of this quarter moon is a conjunction with Pluto. This colors the day with emotional intensity. Pluto is about sex, trust and control dynamics. Pluto’s influence brings whatever is hidden to the surface. This is a day of psychoanalysis, intuition and deep healing. Whatever we encounter externally is a direct reflection of what we need to work on internally. It is time to purge the psyche of compulsions and insecurities, especially those related to fear of loss, betrayal or conflict with the mother. Art and music are the best outlets.

My notes from this quarter moon two years ago, at school in India:

How to breathe !

1. puraka: inhalation in yogic (controlled) way

2. kumbhaka: retention

3. rechaka: exhalation

Puraka: expand the chest front to back, side to side, bottom to top to increase volume. The diaphragm moves down with inhale and pushes abdomen and visceral organs out and down. To resist abdominal bulging, keep abdominal muscles under control and engage mula bandha (root lock) slightly. Keep awareness of speed, force and nature of contraction of bandhas (binds): mild mula bandha at inhalation.

Kumbhaka: increase mula bandha and contraction of abdominal wall. Keep everything under control, no suffocating! Too much contraction can unlock the jalandhara (throat lock).

Rechaka: release jalandhara and then intensify mula bandha and uddiyana bandha (lower abdomen pulls down and in) to exhale more, as in two exhalations. Always controlled!

Celebrate this quarter moon with Capricorn Yoga. To find your personal moon sign, click here.

Mantra:  I am in flux


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